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Asus ROG, also known as the "Republic of Gamers," is among the most advanced gaming laptops available in Nepal. You can tell by its name that the laptop is designed for gamers to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. The Asus ROG gaming laptops are highly praised for their impressive design, powerful performance, standard battery life, cooling system, and other cool features. Purely dedicated to gamers, all ROG laptops go above and beyond with models that offer the fastest CPU, GPU, and display refresh rates available for gaming laptops. With ample RAM, SSD Storage, manual fan control, and a fantastic display, the Asus ROG is an unrivaled performance beast. You can pick the perfect top-tier ROG gaming machine according to your needs and budget. And for that explore the complete lineup of Asus ROG laptops at InfoTech Nepal. Discover the price of ROG laptops in Nepal, compare specs and find the perfect fit for you. See moreSee less

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Asus ROG Laptops


Asus ROG Gaming Laptop Price in Nepal

Asus ROG laptops are the premium choice for gamers in Nepal who don’t want to compromise their gaming experience, even by a slight margin. The Asus ROG laptops are considered as the best of the best gaming laptops in Nepal. With the iconic ROG logo on the back and distinctive design, the ROG laptop oozes gaming power and performance. Whether you’re talking about Valorant, Fortnite, Dota 2, FIFA, or Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, the ROG laptops offer consistent high frame rates and a display that can provide a life-like gaming experience.

The Asus ROG gaming laptop price in Nepal starts from Rs. 1,38,500 and can exceed NPR 2,00,000 depending upon the models and specifications. ROG Strix, Strix Scar, and Zephyrus are the famous ROG lines in Nepal. The price of these gaming lines varies depending upon the model and specifications, such as RAM, processor, graphics card, SSD, display, and other additional features.

Asus ROG laptops are built for serious gaming, handling demanding tasks, and unleashing creativity. Buying this laptop is a no-brainer if you are a gamer or have to perform complex tasks. No game is too powerful for the Asus ROG to handle. If you are looking forward to experiencing the power of ROG laptops, then InfoTechs Nepal should be your ideal place to acquire an ROG laptop. ROG laptops are highly expensive, and you should buy them only from genuine and authentic places. This is where we step in. We have been selling ROG laptops at the best price in Nepal since our inception. We have a diverse selection of laptops, including Asus laptops and their sub-series from Vivobook to Zenbook and TUF to ROG Gaming laptops. We offer a standard 1-year warranty with brilliant pre-sales and after-sales support. In addition, you will also enjoy our complimentary gifts. And don’t you think that because we are based in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, you can’t benefit? We offer free delivery across the country. So visit us and unlock the best in gaming with the Asus ROG laptop.

Why buy Asus ROG Laptop in Nepal

Asus ROG is a popular gaming laptop in Nepal for many reasons. What makes Asus ROG laptops special is they come with the latest technological advancements to keep you at the forefront of gaming. Asus ROG laptops are loaded with the latest processors ranging from i7 to i9 and Ryzen 7 to 9 CPUs. They are equipped with innovative cooling solutions to minimize the heat during intense gaming sessions. They are available in up to RTX 4090 Laptop GPU. The display is also top-notch, featuring ROG Nebula display and Nebula HDR for visual excellence. With a high refresh rate ranging from 165Hz to 240Hz & 3ms or less response time, you can give a competitive edge to your opponents on the battlefield. The screen of ROG laptops covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space, providing a wider range of colors that are more vibrant and true to life. Some models also offer a peak brightness of up to 1,100 nits for incredible HDR experiences. These ROG laptops also feature NVIDIA G-Sync and Freesync for seamless switching between integrated and dedicated graphics cards.

Similarly, with MUX Switch and NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, you can achieve more advanced and efficient graphics management. Furthermore, they support the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3, meaning you can expect high-performance wireless connectivity. With advanced gaming features, the ROG laptops give tough competition to other premium gaming laptops like Acer Predator Helios laptops, Dell Alienware Laptops, HP Omen, and Lenovo’s Legion laptops.

Another key reason for purchasing Asus ROG laptops is that they are not just technically awesome, but they’re built tough and last long without losing their power. ROG laptops also have built-in features that balance battery life and game time with performance. In addition, Asus has great customer service in Nepal. You can find many authorized stores and service centers for Asus Laptops in Nepal. Getting quality servicing and genuine part replacement is also very easy. Moreover, Asus offers a standard warranty on all of its product lines. Warranty claim is so very easy. Therefore, if you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise on your gaming experience, then Asus ROG laptops are an excellent investment.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Price in Nepal

The Asus ROG Zephyrus is famous among youths in Nepal and is liked by many for its cool design and strong performance. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, G15, and G16 are the popular models of the Zephyrus series. These models are named so as they are available in 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch respectively. Depending on your need for portability, you can select your desired model. The ROG Zephyrus features a high-quality aluminum chassis. They are available in Intel Core i7 to i9 CPUs and Ryzen 7 to 9 in the AMD variant. These Zephyrus laptops feature advanced NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3050 to RTX 4090 GPUs as of 2024. For Gaming freaks and graphics professionals, the display boasts a QHD+ 16:10 screen that offers a stunning resolution ranging from 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) up to 4K. Some models also feature the ROG Nebula Display, which guarantees fast, bright, vivid images. The price of Asus ROG Zephyrus ranges from Rs. 1,80,000 to Rs. 2,45,000 in Nepal.

Asus ROG Strix Price in Nepal

The Asus ROG Strix laptops are for competitive gamers who are on a tighter budget. The Strix laptops have gained quite a fanbase amongst gamers in Nepal thanks to their sleek design and impressive performance. The ROG Strix laptops are loaded with up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop GPU and 32GB of DDR5 4800MHz RAM. The ROG Strix G15, G16, G17, and G18 are the popular models of the Strix series in Nepal. They are available in 15-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch, and 18-inch sizes, respectively. The Strix G-line laptops consist of Nebula QHD+ 240Hz displays for a complete gaming experience. The Strix G’s keys have clear edges and see-through WASD caps. This adds a stylish touch to the keyboard. And with Aura Sync, users can create dynamic lighting setups, adjusting colors and effects to match their gaming aesthetic. The ROG Strix employs Tri-Fan Technology and Full-surround Vents to keep both the CPU and GPU temperatures up to 15°C cooler. Enhanced cooling is ensured with 7 heat pipes that provide efficient heat dissipation. The price of the Asus ROG Strix is above Rs. 2 lakh for the one equipped with an i7 processor. If you want an even more powerful processor like Intel Core i9, then it will cost you NPR 3 lakhs and above.

Asus ROG Strix Scar

The Asus ROG Strix Scar is available in three different form factors: 16, 17,& 18-inch. Though the Strix SCAR and Strix G both series offer the same level of performance for esports enthusiasts and feature stylish chassis, the Strix SCAR offers more powerful GPU options. It goes all the way up to an RTX 4090 Laptop GPU. The Strix SCAR provides more customization, including per-key RGB and swappable Armor Caps. The Strix Scar 16 features QHD+ 240Hz displays with the Nebula HDR option. The Nebula HDR is absent on the G line. The Strix SCAR 16 and 18 go up to a Core i9-13980HX and can turbo their CPU up to 5.60GHz. Its CPU is cooled by Thermal Grizzly’s top-tier Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal. The Intelligent Cooling solution keeps the laptop cool and quiet during the most intense gaming sessions. You can say the Strix Scar line is more premium than the Strix G line. The Asus ROG Strix Scar price in Nepal is above 3 lakh. Therefore, you can expect the performance and power it houses.

Asus ROG Flow Price in Nepal

The Asus ROG Flow laptops are designed as ultraportable and versatile gaming machines. Asus ROG X13, X16, & Z13 are the popular models of the ROG Flow Family. The Flow X13 and Z13 both have 13-inch Nebula Displays, while the Flow X16 has a 16-inch Nebula HDR display packed into a 15-inch chassis. The Flow Z13 supports up to an RTX 4060 Laptop GPU, while the X-series supports up to an RTX 4070 Laptop GPU. The Flow X13 and X16 are 2-in-1 convertible laptops with touchscreen displays and 360-degree hinges. The Flow X13 is a true gaming machine wrapped in a 13-inch chassis. The X13 features Corning Gorilla Glass DXC to keep the display safe. Weighing about 1.3kg, the X13 is for those who demand exceptional gaming machines in a small form factor. And, if you want a larger, brighter and more vibrant visual in a spacious display, then Flow X16 will do the job. On the other hand, the Flow Z13 can be labeled as a gaming tablet powered by the Intel Core i9-13900H processor and up to an NVIDIA RTX 4060 Laptop GPU. You can remove the entire keyboard in the ROG Flow Z13. The ROG Flow Z13 features a Nebula display with full touch support and up to 500 nits of brightness. For those who want to switch between a tablet and gaming mode, the Z13 is the perfect solution for you.

Summary of Asus ROG Gaming Laptops Price in Nepal 2024

The cost of an Asus ROG Series laptop in Nepal varies depending on the distributor. The Asus ROG laptop price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 1,38,500 and can exceed NPR 2,00,000. The price goes up as the features and specifications do, though, and gaming series are more expensive than other series. For additional details on the prices of the Asus ROG Series laptops in Nepal, see the table below:

ROG Series Price in Nepal
Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 (Intel Core i7 13th Gen 13620H Processor | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 8GB Dedicated Graphics | 16″ WUXGA FHD+ 165Hz Display) रु 249000
Asus ROG STRIX G513RM-WS74 (AMD Ryzen 7 6800H Processor | 16GB DDR5 RAM | 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB Dedicated Graphics | 15.6″ WQHD 165Hz Display) रु 155500
Asus ROG Strix G513 (AMD Ryzen 7 6800H Processor | 16GB DDR5 RAM | 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB Dedicated | 15.6″ FHD 144Hz Display) रु 157999
Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 (AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS Processor | 16GB DDR5 RAM | 512GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB Dedicated Graphics | 15.6″ QHD 165Hz Display) रु 185000
Asus ROG Strix G16 (Intel Core i7 13th Gen 13650HX Processor | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB Dedicated | 16″ FHD Display) रु 197499
Asus ROG Strix G513 (AMD Ryzen 7 6800H Processor | 8GB RAM | 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB Dedicated Graphics | 14.5″ FHD Display) रु 137000
Asus ROG Strix G15 | AMD Ryzen 7 | RTX 3060 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | 15.6” WQHD रु 155500
Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS Processor | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 | 15.6″ QHD Display) रु 190000
ROG Zephyrus G15 | Ryzen 9 6900HS | RTX 3060 6GB | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ WQHD रु 232990
Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 (AMD Ryzen 9 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB Graphics | 14” FHD 144HRz Display) रु 225000
ROG Strix G15 | Ryzen 9 5900 HX | RTX 3060 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | 15.6” FHD रु 245000


Which series of Asus is best for gaming?

The 3 series under ROG are Zephyrus, Strix & Flow. They are meant to serve the requirements of a wide spectrum of customers. But the best overall Asus gaming laptop that works fine for the general population is Asus ROG Zephyrus G15. If you want a 14-inch gaming laptop then Zephyrus has G14.

Is Asus ROG brand good?

Yes, the Republic of Gamers series by Asus has some of the best-budget gaming laptops. It has been well-optimized to allow your gaming at medium to ultra-high settings. The metal finish gives a sturdy build quality. For the price you pay to get the ROG gaming laptop, you won’t find any better alternative with a similar specification.

Which is better Asus ROG or Acer Nitro?

It is tough to pick a winner about which one is better as they both come with excellent CPU & GPU options in higher-end models. But to give you some general insight ROG is rated higher than Nitro by the gaming community as Asus is more experienced with building a gaming laptop than Acer. Asus has nicely handled the most important part, a heat management system better than Acer.

What is the cost of Asus ROG laptop in Nepal?

Asus ROG is a gaming laptop that comes with the maximum possible configuration to handle the system requirement to run games. So you must have a budget of at least above Rs. 1,35,000 to buy Asus ROG gaming laptop in Nepal. The price can easily cross the 3 lakh mark if you want the latest CPU & GPU.