InfoTechs Nepal is your one-stop destination for your tech requirement. We are a leading laptop store in Nepal located at the heart of Kathmandu, in New Baneshwor. We offer a wide range of selections on laptops, PCs, and other tech accessories. Whether you need a laptop for personal use, business purposes, content creation, video editing, or gaming, we’ve got you covered for everything. Our selection of laptops caters to all budgets, ranging from starter basic laptops to high-end laptops. We are a multi-brand store, which means you can get all kinds of laptop models from various brands such as Dell, Acer, ASUS, Apple, HP, Lenovo, etc. Beyond laptops, we also provide a wide range of accessories, including mouse, keyboards, speakers, headphones, RAM, SSDs, and more to enhance your tech experience.

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InfoTechs Nepal was established with the aim of providing people with the latest technological gadgets at the best price. Infotechs Nepal takes pride in providing authentic products at the best prices and making our services reliable and affordable.
Infotechs Nepal keeps customer satisfaction at the heart of its commitment. We provide exceptional pre-sales and after-sales services, including maintenance and repair services at our premises. We want technology to be accessible to all, which is why we provide free delivery all over Nepal to facilitate customer experience.
In the long term, We’re committed to doing what we do best: bringing the latest gadgets to our customers. We’re not just here to sell laptops; we’re here to ensure you have the best tech experience. We strive to become your trusted tech companion.


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Laptop, PCs, and Gadget Sales

At InfoTechs Nepal, we offer a wide selection of genuine laptops and PCs from popular brands like Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Apple at the best prices. You can choose a laptop and PC that meets your requirements. We also provide a range of other tech gadgets here at InfoTechs Nepal.

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Repair, Maintenance & Upgrade Services

When your laptop needs a helping hand, we've got you covered. Our skilled technicians provide repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. We provide RAM and SSD upgrade services and laptop servicing. Trust InfoTechs Nepal to keep your laptop in top-notch condition.


Pre-sales and After-Sales Services

At InfoTechs Nepal, we're not just about selling laptops; we're here to assist you every step of the way. We offer pre-sales guidance to help you make informed purchase choices, and our after-sales support ensures your satisfaction even after your purchase, along with tech support.


Fast and Free Delivery Services

At InfoTechs Nepal, We value the comfort and time of our valued customers hence we provide online order services from our website along with fast and free delivery services all over Nepal. Now order a laptop from the comfort of your house without worrying about delivery.

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At InfoTechs Nepal, we have a team of highly experienced salespersons with years of experience in the tech industry. They serve as your dedicated tech advisors, offering you valuable insights and guidance to ensure you make informed decisions while choosing laptops and tech accessories.


Our team is committed to providing you with the best shopping experience by providing personalized recommendations according to your needs. We also have an in-house maintenance service that provides you with all your tech maintenance needs. Our highly skilled technicians ensure all your devices are in top condition for peak performance.


Infotechs Nepal is your ultimate tech destination. We have had the privilege of serving thousands of customers to date. Our commitment to providing authentic products at the best prices makes us the ideal choice for people looking to buy new laptops in Nepal. On top of that, we offer free delivery of laptops all over Nepal, along with complimentary gifts on the purchase of laptops from our store. Our amazing sales team is always there to help you make informed decisions while purchasing your laptop. Choose Infotechs Nepal for quality tech and exceptional service.

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