Random Access Memory(RAM)

If you’re thinking about upgrading your laptop’s memory, you might be wondering where you can buy RAM in Nepal. It’s a good idea to get a larger amount of RAM than you currently have since more RAM means more memory is stored in the device. The RAM price in Nepal differs depending on brand, size, and type, and can range anywhere from Rs. 2,000 to over Rs. 30,000. The price of a single memory module may be as low as Rs. 2,500, but it is still quite expensive compared to newer RAM products.

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a crucial component of a computer. It stores information about processes and threads, which allows the computer to switch between applications and windows instantly. Though RAM is an expensive investment, it can be very affordable in Nepal, and prices vary according to memory space and brand. The higher the memory space, the faster the computer will run. Users need at least 8GB of RAM to enjoy optimal performance.

When it comes to RAM, the higher the RAM, the more memory it can store. A laptop with at least 4GB of RAM will be faster and more stable than a laptop with just 1 or 2 GB of RAM. A laptop with more RAM will help keep your applications organized, make them run faster, and prevent crashes. There are also many other benefits of adding more RAM to your laptop.

If you’re looking to boost the efficiency of the laptop you’re using, you should definitely consider upgrading the RAM. You can find a wide range of Laptop Rams to choose from different brands, whose prices vary depending on the brand, size, and type and are always changing. We’ve compiled an updated list of ram prices in Nepal so that you are able to keep up to date with the latest offerings. Keep checking our website regularly to stay informed about the current prices of laptop ram price in Nepal. This list is a good reference list if you’re contemplating purchasing RAMs from Nepal.

How Much RAM Memory Do I Really Need?

Since the price of RAM has dropped significantly over the last few years, most people prefer to have enough RAM installed on their computer or upgrade it. But the question is: how much RAM is enough for your computer? Well, it depends on your software requirements and the purpose for which you will be using your device. Here’s a look at the various things you need to consider. Make sure to check the specifications before you buy.

Initially, you should check your requirements for the software. The majority of software programs will certainly specify their RAM needs. You must recognize whether your operating system, games, and other software are memory-hungry as well as which one requires even more RAM. Make sure you have enough RAM to run multiple applications at once and enjoy their full potential. After you have checked your RAM, you can ask a computer specialist for recommendations on compatible upgrades as well as parts.

The best RAM configuration for your laptop is determined based on what you’ll be using it for. The bare minimum for a laptop is 8GB of RAM, which suffices for a lot of jobs. A computer with 4GB RAM is usually limited to emails and internet surfing and cannot handle heavy usage. Informal gaming, such as video games, needs a fair bit of memory. Gaming systems should have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. If you’re playing AAA games, you’ll need a large amount of RAM. You might also want to invest in a specialized video game console. Also, if you’re using video modifying software or rendering software programs, it’s far better to install 32GB RAM. If you’re using Photoshop or Blender, as an example, you’ll probably need even more RAM.

Workload /TaskMinimum RAM RequirementRecommended RAM Amount
Basic Everyday Use4-8GB16GB
Video Editing8-16GB64GB
Graphic Design8-16GB32GB
Motion Design8-16GB64GB
3D Modeling8-16GB32GB
3D Rendering8-16GB64GB
Music Production8GB64GB

Types of RAM in Nepal

The Nepalese market is filled with Random Access Memory of different speeds, capacities, and memory sizes, making it difficult to choose the right memory for your system. The Ram Price in Nepal can range from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand. A single memory module can cost as little as Rs. 2,500, which is extremely cheap when compared to the newer RAM products. You should consider the type and size of the RAM before making a purchase. If you want the best RAM in Nepal at the lowest price possible, then look no further than InfoTechs Nepal. Here’s a look at the different types of RAM available in Nepal:


DDR RAM stands for Double Data Rate RAM and it is the next generation of SDRAM which has greater bandwidth than the primary single data rate. Its transfer rate is double of SDR SDRAM without increasing the frequency of the clock. It is the first generation of DDR memory. The voltage has reduced to 2.5V from 3.3V as compared to SDRAM. The transfer rate of DDR RAM is between 266~400 MT/s and DDR266, DDR400 are its type.

DDR Speed

Friendly NameIndustry NameTransfer Rate(MB/s)Data Transfer/ Second


DDR2 is the successor of DDR RAM which means it is the second generation of DDR SRAM. It is two times faster than DDR DRAM because of the improved I/O bus signal. Its prefetch buffer is 4 bit which is double of DDR RAM. There are DDR2 533 and DDR2 800 RAM memory as types of DDR2 RAM in the market. It is operated at 1.8 V which is reduced from 2.5 V. Its transfer rate can reach 533~800 MT/s and has an internal clock speed (133~200MHz) which is the same as DDR.

DDR2 Speed

Friendly NameIndustry NameTransfer Rate(MB/s)Data Transfer/ Second
DDR2-800PC2-64006,400 800
DDR2-1000PC2-80008,000 1,000


DDR3 RAM is the third generation of DDR SDRAM which has a prefetch buffer width is 8 bits which are double of DDR2 RAM. DDR3 RAM has added two functions as ASR ( Automatic Self Refresh) and SRT ( Self Refresh Temperature) that makes memory control the refresh rate according to the variations of temperature. The voltage has been reduced to 1.5V from 1.8V and DDR3-800 followed by PC3-6400 are called DDR3 RAM that operates at a clock frequency of 400 MHz. DDR3 transfer rate is 800~1600 MT/s. DDR3 ram price in Nepal is cheaper than DDR4 ram and expensive than DDR2 and varies according to model and brand.

DDR3 Speed

Friendly NameIndustry NameTransfer Rate(MB/s)Data Transfer/ Second
DDR3-1333PC3-1060010,667 1,333


DDR4 RAM is the fourth generation of DDR SDRAM which has a higher transfer rate than the previous generations and operates at a lower operating voltage of 1.2V. It has added four new Bank Groups technology in which each bank group has singlehanded operation features. In a clock cycle, it can process 4 data that’s why its efficiency is better than DDR3 RAM memory. It also has added DBI (Data Bus Inversion), CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) and CA parity functions which enhance DDR4 memory’s signal integrity and improve the data transmission/access stability. DDR4 ram price in Nepal is more expensive than DDR3 and the previous generation’s RAM. Its cost depends on its brand, model and generation.

DDR4 Speed

Friendly NameIndustry NameTransfer Rate(MB/s)Data Transfer/ Second (MT/s)
DDR4-2400PC4-1920019,200 2,400

Why Consider Ram Upgrade in Nepal?

RAM is a crucial component of the computer which helps to run your system smoothly. RAM is a crucial component of the computer which helps to run your system smoothly. Adding RAM can increase your computer’s speed, reduce startup time, and handle more programs at once. While installing more RAM can be a simple process, you should understand your computer’s RAM needs.

Consider RAM upgrade when your computer takes a long time to run programs than before. You can check the memory graphs in real-time in Task Manager in Windows by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del as a shortcut key to open Task manager. Upgrading RAM memory will help you to avoid computer slowdowns which means more memory helps you to run more programs at a faster speed. More programs are available to run when RAM memory is more.

In some cases, your device has low RAM memory, and users need to open a program that requires or consumes high memory, in such cases the program is probable to crash or users face multiple lags while running the program. Upgrading memory is necessary for faster browsing, network enhancements, and better gaming performance.

Meanwhile, you should also keep in mind that not all laptops are upgradeable. Many laptops, especially the older models, come with RAM soldered into the motherboard. In that case, there is no option unless an additional RAM slot for the upgrade exists in the laptop.

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Where to Buy Ram in Nepal?

Now that you have an idea around when to upgrade your computer RAM, it’s possible there is still confusion on finding the best RAMs for your computer at the cheapest price.  Worry not, we have the solution to this problem too. At InfoTechs Nepal, you can find different types of RAM and our prices do not need a bargain. But before buying RAM in Nepal you need to find out which generation laptop you use and which types of RAM you want to upgrade. The available types of RAM come in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. The RAM price in Nepal differs according to its type, capacity, and brand of course.

Summary of RAM Price in Nepal

It is a known fact that the RAM is one of the most important components in a computer system. It helps the computer to perform tasks efficiently, eases multitasking, and makes software installation simple. RAM Price in Nepal varies greatly. It is often dependent on brand, size, and type. Some RAMs cost as little as Rs. 2,000, while others can cost up to Rs. 30,000. Below we have summed up the detailed information about different types of RAM and their prices in Nepal.

 RAM BrandSpecificationsPrice (NPR)
HYPER X8GB 3600MHz (RGB)7,500
8GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)7,000
16GB 3600MHz (RGB)14,000
16GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)13,000
32GB 3600MHz (RGB)26,000
32GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)23,000
XPG8GB 3600MHz (RGB)7,500
8GB 3600MHz (Bob-RGB)6,500
16GB 3600MHz (RGB)14,000
16GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)12,000
8GB  3200MHz (RGB)7,000
8GB  3200MHz (Non-RGB)6,500
16GB 3200MHz (RGB)13,000
16GB 3200MHz (Non-RGB)12,000
LEXAR8GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)6,500
16GB 3600MHz (Non-RGB)13,000
8GB 3200MHz (Non-RGB)6,500
16GB 3200MHz (Non-RGB)12,000
AITC8GB 3200MHz (RGB)8,000
8GB 3200MHz (Non-RGB)6,500
8GB, 3600MHz (RGB)8,500
16GB, 3200MHz (RGB)15,000
CORSAIR8GB 3600MHz (RGB)7,500
16GB 3600MHz (RGB)14,500
8GB 3200MHz (RGB)7,000
16GB 3200MHz (RGB)13,500
Hikvision U1( Desktop)4GB 1600MHz DDR33,375
8GB 1600MHz DDR36,345
4GB 3200MHz DDR44,050
8GB 3200MHz DDR48,640
Hikvision U1( Laptop)8GB DDR48,100
16GB DDR414,850
AdataDDR4 4Gb 2666MHz SO-DIMM4,200
DDR4 8GB 2666MHz SO-DIMM8,500
DDR4 16GB 2666MHz SO-DIMM13,600
Kingston4GB 1600MHz DDR3L3,600
8GB DDR4 2666MHz6,800
16GB DDR4 2666 MHz 12,800
Samsung4GB DDR3 1600Mhz2,800
8GB DDR3 1600Mhz4,500
16GB (8GB*2) 3200MHZ14,000
Transcend4GB DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM4,625
8GB DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM7,500
16GB DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM15,625
32GB DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM28,750

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What is the price of 2 GB RAM in Nepal?

The price of 2GB RAM costs starts from Rs. 949/- and varies according to the brand and model and generation of the RAM in Nepal.

How much does a 4 GB RAM cost?

4GB RAM price in Nepal begin from Rs. 2,299/- and goes up to Rs. 4,050/- depending on generation, model and brand of RAM.

What is the cost of 8GB RAM in Nepal?

The cost of 8GB RAM in Nepal ranges from Rs. 4,499/- to Rs. 8,500/-. It may differ with its model, brand and generation.

What is the cost of 16 GB RAM?

16GB RAM price in Nepal varies with their brand, generation, and features. However, its cost starts from Rs. 8,999/- to Rs. 15,000/-

Which company RAM is best?

It depends on the people they prefer. However, the popular RAM brands in Nepal are 1. Kingston Ram. 2. AITC 3. Transcend 4. Hyperx.

Does increasing RAM increase laptop speed?

Yeah of course in case your device needs more RAM memory. But it won’t help to increase your laptop speed if your laptop is too old to run newer programs.

How much does DDR4 RAM cost in Nepal?

DDR4 RAM price in Nepal cost depends on the brand, model and specifications you seek. Normally, its cost Rs. 2,499/- to 28,750/-.

Which DDR RAM is best?

DDR4 RAM with a minimum of 8GB RAM with a speed of 3600MHz is the best DDR RAM.