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Laptop Accessories in Nepal

While laptops are meant to provide portability & compactness. But the people who have the experience of using a computer will find it difficult to adjust on a laptop. They will still seek out laptop accessories or peripherals to enhance their experience. The laptop accessories, as well as laptop equipment, comprise items that laptop owners or users can make use of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bag, a mouse, a keyboard, or a webcam to video chat with your family or friends who are far away. There are numerous accessories that can make using your laptop experience more enjoyable.

With the increase in demand for laptops in Nepal, the demand for the best laptop accessories has also been growing in recent years. You can find a variety of laptop accessories in Nepal ranging from just Rs. 100 to upwards of Rs. 50000. There are a variety of computer accessories on the market that perform different functions & enhance the laptop functionality. They boost the efficiency of your laptop. Let’s look deeper at laptop accessories that you can buy online or are available in Nepal.


If you love playing games on a laptop, you know how important an effective wireless mouse is for maximizing the enjoyment you get from gaming & also winning the game you love to play. The battlefield of virtual reality isn’t easy to navigate – every second is important. If your mouse isn’t able to provide an accurate input, you could end up losing your edge to a device that is faster. To avoid this situation, you should consider investing in a premium portable wireless mouse.

The mouse serves a variety of purposes. Regardless of how expensive you paid for the mouse price, its primary function is moving the mouse’s pointer. It is able to point to any point, like the direction of a screen in a game or a virtual object. For instance, within the video game “Final Fantasy,” a click on an object can open a document or folder or open the program. Some applications support triple-clicking, which allows you to select several objects at once. It also lets you highlight multiple text files or documents. If you have to perform the task with precision like in-game targeting or photo-editing then you have to opt for a mouse with a high DPI. A mouse pad is a necessary addition to a mouse as it improves the precision of the mouse, providing it with a smoother surface to operate on. You can also buy a mouse pad as an additional computer accessory.

Mouse Price in Nepal

The starting mouse price in Nepal is not high, as you can get a good USB optical mouse at just Rs 500. From there onwards, the cost depends on whether you want a wired or wireless mouse. The Wired mouse is a little less expensive than the wireless mouse of the same quality & features. With a laptop, a wireless mouse provides better compatibility & convenience. But there are two wireless technologies for the mouse discussed below.

Bluetooth & Wireless Mouse Price in Nepal

Buying a Bluetooth mouse can be a wise choice for you if you want compatibility with wireless devices like tablets & phones. You don’t need to attach any transmitter to your laptop in order to use a Bluetooth mouse. The Bluetooth mouse comes with an in-built transmitter that communicates with the Bluetooth technology of your laptop. But with a wireless mouse, you get a USB RF dongle that you have to connect to your laptop. If you lose the USB dongle then the wireless mouse becomes futile.

The most popular Prolink Bluetooth mouse price in Nepal is Rs .1700. The Wireless mouse in Nepal comes at an introductory price of Rs. 1000 and the price can ceil above the thousand mark if you want to go with brands like Logitech.


Keyboards are primarily used for typing, and a good keyboard with adequate gaps between the keys provides additional support and comfort when typing or playing games. There is a wire connecting your keyword to your desktop computer or laptop. Generally, the keyword is connected to a USB port. The usefulness of having a wired keyboard is consistent and fast response time, does not need battery power, is cheaper, and is secure as wired keyboards are against remote access or data leak. Keyboard price in Nepal ranges anywhere from Rs. 500 and can go higher depending on the brand and design.


Moreover, Keyboard has become one of the essential gaming accessories as it enhances the user’s gaming experience. A wide variety of keyboards are available on the market, differing in design and use. Also, gamers prefer wired keyboards as they are easier to navigate and more durable. Gamers and general users want a keyboard with a more comfortable feel the entire time pressing the keys. At InfoTechs Nepal, you will find comfortable and responsive Keyboards to type on.

Keyboard Price in Nepal

A bare functional keyboard price in Nepal starts from Rs. 500 which is the same as the cost of a decent optical mouse. From there onwards the price spike hinges on the ergonomics of the keyboard & the typing experience you get with it. A mechanical keyboard generally costs you around 5 grand in Nepal. For premium brands like Fantech, you have to burn Rs. 6000 – Rs. 15000 depending on the RGB lighting & the style of the keyboard.

Bluetooth & Wireless Keyboard Price in Nepal

Modern laptops inherently support BlueTooth & come with the latest version of it so you can purchase any Bluetooth keyboard from any manufacturer which is not the case with wireless keyboards. They come with a USB dongle which is specific to the wireless keyboard from the specific manufacturer. So if you lose your USB dongle or damage them, then you have to completely replace the wireless keyboard, not just the dongle. The price gap between Bluetooth & RF wireless keyboards is few hundred with wireless keyboards being cheaper than Bluetooth.

Headset ​

Are you a music lover or a gamer? Then you will undoubtedly require a good headset that is comfortable to use and lightweight for extended periods of use. We offer different kinds of headsets that will match your budget, aesthetic, and purpose of use. The wireless headset is an excellent gaming laptop accessory, and the Bluetooth version is ideal for on-the-go use. 


But it’s up to you to choose from wired headphones or wireless headsets. Wired headphones provide terrific top-notch sound quality and do not require battery power. Wireless headsets require battery power, offer unique control features, are more portable and allow freedom of movement. At InfoTechs Nepal, you will find the perfect headset for your daily use. 

Importance of Laptop Accessories

The laptop is responsible for bringing the whole world into your lap. You need a laptop everywhere, whether in the office, college, or home. The laptop can be crafted further with the additional accessories in both used and old laptops. Depending upon the variety of laptop models, the numbers of various laptop accessories are large. Laptop accessories are an essential add-on based on their use as they improve the user experience in the following ways:

  1. Mouse and keyboard boost productivity and performance. Also using an external mouse & keyboard saves money on repair costs especially if you play games on your laptop. 
  2. Increase operability standards of the laptop. Your laptop’s keyboard may be badly designed but you have a plethora of options for an external keyboard to improve your typing experience. 
  3. A laptop’s chipset is very delicate and if a laptop is used rigorously, a connection can break. Using laptop accessories adds additional safety against damage.
  4. While you can use the in-built speaker & microphone of a laptop, getting a headset makes you more focused. You can perform any task quickly and easily.
  5. Connect with other integrated devices.

Where to Buy Laptop Accessories in Nepal?

If you are looking to buy laptop accessories at an affordable price, InfoTechs Nepal has the perfect assortment of accessories based on your needs. At InfoTechs Nepal, we sell authentic and quality products. We provide excellent customer service and guidance for our customers. We are the top destination for many laptop products and laptop accessories in Nepal.  We also offer a secure online shopping environment, prompt shipping, a cash on delivery option, or simply visit our store. 

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What are some of the must-have laptop accessories to increase productivity?

Laptop accessories are ideal because they boost productivity and comfort and enhance the user experience. Some of the must-have laptop accessories for better performance are Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, External hard disks, Laptop Stand, etc.

Is it preferable to use a mouse or a touchpad?

It totally depends upon you. If you use a laptop or a PC, it is recommended to have a mouse. They allow you to be more productive than if you were only using a touchpad. Moreover, the mouse is also supported by gaming consoles, making gaming more impactful.

Where can I buy laptop accessories?

You can buy across different laptop accessories shops in Nepal. However, we at Infotechs Nepal sell quality accessories to our customers. Shop for a bunch of peripherals and laptop accessories from us to make your work more productive.

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