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Listening to your favorite song on headphones that deliver top-notch audio or gaming with headphones dedicated to gaming needs adds to the experience. Headphones in Nepal have become a vital laptop accessory for listening to music, attending meetings, or gaming purposes. The cozy and comfortable padding on the headphone makes it comfortable for long hours of use. If you want on-the-go wireless headphones or prefer wired ones, we offer a wide selection of headphones from esteemed brands like FANTECH, JBL, Havit, and more, and select the perfect model for your requirements. Browse the headphones available at InfoTechs Nepal at the best price and enhance your listening experience. See moreSee less

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Headphone Price in Nepal

In a world where audio plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, tech enthusiasts and professionals now recognize the necessity of high-quality headphones. With the increasing demand for headphones in Nepal, leading brands such as Redragon, Fantech, JBL, and more have stepped up to cater to every need and performance. Whether you are seeking noise-canceling headphones or the immersive experience of gaming-focused ones, you can find the one. From entry-level to high-end price ranges, you can find a perfect pair of headphones in Nepal that can elevate your audio experience.

The Headphone Price in Nepal starts from NPR Rs. 950 for basic wired headphones and goes over NRP 85,000+ for premium models. However, the headphone price significantly varies depending on the brand, feature, design, etc. The entry-level wired headphones are popular among cost-conscious buyers, while premium wireless headphones are favored by those looking for convenience and better audio quality.

With the increasing demand for headphones, finding a quality headphone that offers good value for money with its brand, features, and design is always tricky. If you are looking for the best headphones in Nepal at the best price and a reliable place to explore, you can find a great selection of the most in-demand headphones at the best price in Infotech Nepal. Infotechs Nepal offers a wide range of genuine headphones, be it wired or wireless or any brand, at a reasonable price in Nepal.

Types Of Headphones Available

In the Nepali market, you can find various headphone options catering to different needs and preferences. From budget-friendly choices to top-tier brands, each has unique features and advantages. Whether you are into video editing or gaming, you can get a wide range of options, from wired and wireless to noise-cancellation and gaming headphones.

Wired Headphone

Wired headphones have been go-to choice for general users, gamers, and content creators in Nepal who value minimal latency and lag-free audio output at an affordable price point. Wired headphones utilize cables that connect directly to an audio port or, occasionally, a USB port, ensuring a reliable audio experience. Most of the standard wired headphones use 3.5 mm and 6.5mm connectors, which integrate seamlessly with smartphones, PCs, and other audio devices. On the other hand, wired headphones eliminate the need for charging or battery replacement as they draw from the connected device, ensuring a hassle-free experience without interference. Generally, wired headphones offer minimal latency and lag-free audio output at a lower cost compared to wireless headphones.

Wireless Headphone

Sometimes, you can get tired of listening to music through loudspeakers. That is why we have wireless headphones that offer a liberating audio experience. Wireless headphones connect to audio source devices like smartphones, PCs, etc, wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi, which allows users to move freely within operational range. Depending on the type, rechargeable headphones can run for 10-30 hours, but some require frequent charging, which is of low cost. Because wireless headphones are more accessible and portable, Nepalese youth prefer them. They also allow you to move freely from the gadget for up to 10 meters without worrying about the wires getting smaller.

Gaming Headphone

Designed for passionate gamers, gaming headphones are crafted to elevate the gaming experience with noise-canceling microphones, personalized audio, and more. The combination of gaming laptop and gaming headphone is a dream for hardcore gamers. With their sleek design and comfortable fit, gaming headphones create a sense of presence, enveloping gamers in a rich audio landscape. The powerful drivers deliver precise sound cues, allowing players to locate in-game enemies, footsteps, and environmental details accurately. The earcups of gaming headphones have RGB lighting, which makes them stylish.

Popular Headphone Brands in Nepal

You can find a wide range of headphone brands in Nepal. Fantech, Havit, Redragon, Logitech, and JBL are among the favorites and most-selling headphone brands at InfoTechs Nepal. These brands have earned a reputation for both quality and popularity. Additionally, brands such as Nia, Pure, Hitech, etc. have also been a hit at our store. Let’s explore in detail about why these brands are popular in the audio scenario of Nepal:


Fantech primarily focuses on gaming peripherals and accessories like reasonably feature-rich gaming headphones. Due to the high build quality and affordable prices of Fantechs, the gaming industry in Nepal has reached a new level, and customers are placing orders for these devices. It offers a variety of headphone types and some of the popular FanTech Headphones are the Fantech Mh87 Gaming Headset, Fantech Wired Headphone HG11, and Fantech Sakura Edition Pink set.


US-based company JBL is a famous brand that manufactures a wide range of audio equipment, including headphones. They offer various models designed for different purposes and price ranges. One of their popular product is headphones. JBL headphones are known for their sound quality, durability, and stylish designs, which people find highly appealing. Regarding Nepal, JBL Headphones are people’s favorites, and the prices are also reasonable.


Havit is a chinese mid-range headphones brand with good sound quality. They are known for their reasonable and budget-friendly options, making them popular in Nepal. If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones for everyday use and you’re on a budget, then Havit is a good option to consider. Havit headphones are typically made of plastic which offers a variety of features.


Redragon is a high-value Chinese brand specializing in gaming peripherals with headsets offering clear audio for footsteps and good quality. Regragon is lightweight and very handy for long gaming sessions; which uses solid materials for longevity. They mainly provide gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and mouse pads. Redragon is value for money, but its products won’t replace the experience of higher-end options.


It is a popular brand known for providing various headphones for various purposes. Logitech’s gaming headsets, such as the Logitech USB Headset H340 BLACK AP, are known for their comfort, making them suitable for gaming and general use. Additionally, Logitech offers various connecting choices for its headphones, including Bluetooth, USB, and wireless, giving users flexibility for various use situations. Despite that, Logitech’s headphones provide good value for money and comfortable designs.

Factor To Consider Before Buying Headphones

If you are a person who spends most of your time listening to music, playing games, or editing videos, then headphones are a must to enhance your experience. When purchasing headphones, it’s essential to consider several factors to find the most effective option that fits a person’s requirements, budget, and preferences. Consider the plug size; if you use it for daily work as a video editor or gaming, you can use 3.5mm, which comes with noise cancellation and a comfortable fit. Poor sound quality can ruin the entire impression. Therefore, keep these things in mind while buying headphones.

When choosing between the convenience of wireless headphones and the extra weight of wired cables, users must consider the advantages and disadvantages of dependability and sound quality. Battery capacity and Bluetooth version are essential factors to consider for wireless headphones. Choose the one that works best for you based on your preferences, comfort, and durability. If you value your style and aesthetics, choose a pair that fits your style from sleek and minimalist designs and eye-catching options. The driver is another important component of headphones, which usually comes in 20-50mm and impacts the sound quality. Generally, larger drivers can produce more profound and powerful bass, while smaller drivers can produce more detailed and accurate sound in the mid and high frequencies. The electrical resistance of the headphones is measured by their impedance, which might impact the headphones’ volume and sound quality when paired with various gadgets. You can choose the perfect pair of headphones by considering the above mentioned factors.

Headphone Price in Nepal
Redragon H390 PARIS RGB Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound (Black) रु 2499
Redragon ARES H120 GAMING HEADSET रु 1399
Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset रु 7990
Logitech H151 Stereo Headset रु 2990
Logitech H111 Stereo Headset रु 1775
Logitech H340 USB PC Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic रु 5690
Logitech H110 Stereo Headset रु 1750
NIA WH260 Wireless Headphone रु 3000
Fantech WH01 Wireless Gaming Headphone रु 5500
Fantech Wired Gaming Headphone HG16s रु 3800
Fantech Wired Headphone HG20 रु 3100
Havit H2178D Wired Headphone रु 1300
Redragon H120 Wired Gaming Headset रु 1400
JBL JB95 Wireless Headphone रु 1800
Wireless Bluetooth Headset MS-881A रु 950
Havit Wired Portable Folding Headphone H100d रु 1850