When claiming a warranty on your products, the following conditions must be met.

1. InfoTechs Nepal is not responsible for any data loss that occurs during product repair. Before leaving it for repair, the customer must make a complete backup of all data.

2. In all touch laptops and touch AIO PCs, there is no guarantee on the screen (including any cable/accessories attached to the screen) or the touch.

3. Battery backup is not guaranteed. The battery’s warranty is only valid if it is completely dead (less than 10 minutes backup).

4. No warranty of DOTS on the screen.

5. If the product is damaged as a result of an inappropriate or unstable power supply (Laptop/Adapter), there is no guarantee.

6. If the serial number or warranty seal is removed/defaced and the product is serviced or repaired somewhere else, there is no guarantee.

7. There is no warranty of any form of physical harm or liquid spills.

8. In the event of a hardware issue, the parts will typically be replaced in 3-5 weeks.

9. No warranty of any kind of software.

10. To obtain warranty service, the buyer must present the warranty card. Any warranty that is not accompanied by a warranty card will be voided.

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