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Acer is one of the leading laptop brands in Nepal, renowned for featured-packed laptops at a competitive price. Acer, as a leading Twainese laptop manufacturer, offers various laptops ranging from everyday-use models to powerpack gaming machines. You can find a wide range of Acer laptops in Nepal, with prices starting from around NPR 43,999 to over NPR 2,00,000+ for high-end gaming models. Acer offers various dedicated series in Nepal, including the budget-friendly Acer Aspire & Extensa, Acer Nitro and Predator for gaming, premium Swift series ultrabooks, and the 2-in-1 Spin series. With a reputation for delivering sleek designs and spectacular performance, Acer laptops in Nepal stand out for their perfect blend of affordability and quality. Explore the latest Acer laptop price in Nepal and get the best deal on the Acer laptop of your choice at InfoTechs Nepal. See moreSee less

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Acer Laptop Price in Nepal

When you envision a blend of sleekness, slim design, elegance, affordability, durability, and top-tier performance, Acer laptops stand out in Nepal. Whether you’re a student, professional, casual user or avid gamer, Acer offers powerful laptops that suit all kinds of busy modern lifestyles without the big budget. With laptops options available with superior ability and outstanding performance at competitive prices, it’s no wonder Acer has become a preferred laptop brand for those looking for a laptop in the Nepali market.

The Acer laptop price in Nepal starts at NPR 43,999 for the base variant and can go above NPR 2,00,000 for the high-performance gaming laptops. The price of Acer Laptops varies depending upon the laptop series and the specs it houses. The price of entry-level Acer Laptops with Intel Core i3 Processors ranges from NPR 44,000 to NPR 60,000. The mid-level Acer laptops with Intel core i5 or i7 processors can cost between NPR 70000 and NPR 1,00,000. And, the price of higher-end Acer gaming laptops with dedicated GPUs such as GTX/RTX graphics cards costs over NPR 1,20,000 in Nepal.

Overall, Acer provides a diverse lineup, catering from basic to high-performance models. If you are looking forward to buying an Acer laptop in Nepal, then InfoTechs Nepal should be your top choice. InfoTechs Nepal stands out for newcomers seeking Acer laptops. Why? Because we present Acer laptops at incredibly competitive prices. As a leading laptop store in Nepal, we showcase everything from everyday Aspire models to powerhouse Nitro and Predator series. Whether you’re eyeing an Intel Core i3 or the powerful Intel Core i9 Acer laptops in Nepal, we’ve met your needs. Moreover, with our inclusive 1-year laptop warranty and top-notch customer service, we warmly embrace every customer. And Yes!! Shopping with us also ensures amazing complimentary accessories to enhance your experience.

Why Buy Acer Laptops in Nepal?

Acer is a well-established laptop brand that has carved a niche in Nepal as a trustworthy and affordable choice. Buying an Acer laptop in Nepal is an excellent choice as Acer offers a wide range of models in every price range, from budget-friendly options to high-performance gaming laptops. These laptops boast impressive features, including efficient processors, swift RAM, generous storage, and robust graphics. With Acer laptops, you can expect optimal performance for daily tasks, gaming, or professional endeavors, all at a cost-effective price. Especially if you are within a budget and looking for a featured-packed value-for-money laptops in Nepal, then Acer should be your perfect choice.

Another reason to buy Acer laptops is their reliability and durability. They are designed to withstand everyday use and offer good build quality. Complemented by attractive and sleek design, these laptops fit any workplace and give an aesthetically pleasing vibe. Acer laptops are also widely available in Nepal through authorized dealers and retail stores. Hence, it is easy to purchase and access pre-sales and after-sales support. Hardware upgradability is also easy and efficient, such as adding more RAM or swapping out storage drives. This easy upgradability can be a cost-effective way to improve performance in the future. In addition, Acer laptops are backed by a standard 1-year warranty, thus ensuring confidence in your purchase. If you encounter any technical issues, the warranty claim process is straightforward. Additionally, a network of authorized and local service centers is readily available to address any malfunctions on Acer laptops. Therefore, choosing Acer laptops in Nepal offers great value and ensures top-notch computing performance for your investment.

Popular Acer Laptop Series in Nepal

Acer laptops are among the most popular and well-known laptops in Nepal. Acer laptops come in various sizes and specifications, ranging from entry-level budget models to ultra-high-end gaming laptops. Acer offers several laptop models that have made a special place for Nepali consumers. The Acer Aspire and Nitro series are among the most popular laptop series sold in Nepal. Except for the Acer Aspire and Nitro, You can still find a wide range of popular Acer laptop series in Nepal, which are readily available at InfoTechs Nepal for purchase. Let’s have a closer and more in-depth look to discover the popular Acer laptop series in Nepal and what makes them unique.

Acer Aspire Series Overview

If you are on a budget and looking for an entry-level Acer laptop in Nepal, Aspire laptops should be on your list. The Aspire laptop is a popular choice for budget-conscious users in Nepal because of its stellar CPUs, GPUs, storage facilities, and battery power. Aspire laptops come in different models, each with unique features and specifications catered to meet the needs of every individual. With affordable pricing and reliable performance, Acer Aspire is the top pick for tech students and working professionals in Nepal.

Acer Aspire 3, Aspire 5, and Aspire 7 are the popular models within the Aspire series. Aspire 3 is a budget-friendly laptop model with a plastic build suitable for basic computing tasks like web browsing, multimedia, light gaming, and general productivity. Aspire 5 is a mid-range and versatile option compared to the Aspire 3, with a more premium design like the aluminum top and versatile performance. Aspire 7, on the other hand, is a more robust and performance-oriented option than the Aspire 5 and Aspire 3 series. Acer Aspire 5 is the most favored model among the Acer Aspire lineup in Nepal.

Acer Extensa Series Overview

The Acer Extensa series is also Acer’s line of budget-friendly laptops. It is aimed at students, working professionals, small businesses, and anyone who wants a lightweight laptop for browsing, productivity, and light office use. These laptops range from Intel Core i3 to i7 and Ryzen 3 to Ryzen 7. They are designed to be reasonably priced while still offering solid performance and battery life. Acer Extensa competes with other models like the Dell Vostro, HP Probook, and low-end Lenovo Thinkpad. These laptops feature a sleek design with a sturdy build quality.

Available in various display sizes, HD or Full HD displays, they have different configuration options like AMD/Intel Core CPUs and 4GB/8GB/16GB RAM. They also feature HDD or SSD storage, more powerful GPUs like Iris Xe or NVIDIA graphics, security features like fingerprint readers, and a variety of connectivity options. The Acer Extensa ultrabooks have more Business-focused features, making them ideal for office users. Acer Extensa 14 and Acer Extensa 15 are the popular models of the Extensa series in Nepal.

Acer Swift Series Overview

The Acer Swift series laptops are for go-getters who prioritize portability and style. The Acer Swift series laptops known for their sleek design, portability, and a combination of premium performance and elegant aesthetics are ideal for students and working professionals. The Acer Swift laptops have a strong build quality, often coming with a sturdy metal design. With display size options, efficient performance powered by the latest-gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, and long battery life, these laptops smoothly cater to everyday computing needs. Furthermore, FHD displays, backlit keyboards, SSD storage, and convertible or touchscreen options add to its versatility. The Swift computers also offer various connectivity options, including USB-C and USB-A ports, and some models include security features like fingerprint readers.

You can perform multiple tasks like web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, social media, online research, multimedia consumption, light gaming, content creation, and more in these swift laptops. If you are a professional, frequent traveler, or creative individual, go for Swift laptops. Acer Swift 3, Acer Swift 5, and Acer Swift 7 are the famous models from the Swift series. Overall, the Acer Swift series appeals to a broad user base that requires a balance between productivity, portability, and affordability.

Acer Spin Series Overview

In Nepal, where many users value the versatility of a laptop that can function as a tablet, the Acer Spin Series emerges as a top choice. The Acer Spin Series is the right option for anyone looking for a versatile 2-in-1 convertible laptop in Nepal. These laptops feature a flexible 360-degree hinge design, allowing users to switch between laptop and tablet. They have touchscreen displays and come with configurations like Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPUs, varying RAM, ample storage, and GPUs, making them suitable for a range of computing tasks. With various ports for connectivity, these laptops offer seamless connection with external peripherals and provide all-day battery life.

Some models also support the Acer Active Stylus for precise touch input. These styluses can be used for drawing, writing, taking notes, and navigating the screen rather than using your fingers. The Spin laptops are perfect for creative professionals like art students, artists, digital artists, designers, fashion designers, animators, and more. Acer Spin 3, Spin 5, and Spin 7 are renowned series of Acer Spin laptops in Nepal.

Acer Travelmate Series Overview

The Acer Travelmate series is a line of laptops designed for business professionals and corporate users who are always on the go. Travelmate laptops are perfect for individuals seeking reliable, secure, and durable laptops for productivity and mobility. These Travelmate laptops are built to withstand daily business demands and travel. They are famously known for their durability and security features, as security is a crucial aspect for any business professional.

Acer Travelmate series laptops offer the same level of computation as other business laptops, such as Dell Latitude, HP Elitebooks, Lenovo ThinkPad and Asus Expertbook. Travelmate Laptops come in various sizes and form factors, with Full HD displays and a range of connectivity options. Security is a priority, with features like fingerprint readers and TPM chips. Many models offer long battery life, making them suitable for extended business hours. Acer TravelMate P6, Acer TravelMate X3, and Acer TravelMate B3 are the popular models of the Travelmate series.

Acer Nitro Series Overview

For those looking for an affordable gaming powerhouse, the Acer Nitro laptop is your answer. Acer Nitro is one of the most sold-out gaming laptops in Nepal. The Nitro series is perfect for gamers who want cutting-edge specs for a seamless gaming experience in Nepal. The Acer Nitro laptops feature an aggressive design, advanced cooling system, high-end processors from both Intel and AMD, dedicated graphics cards like NVIDIA GTX/RTX, vast SSD storage, and high-refresh-rate displays for that gaming powerplay. With its advanced features, the Nitro laptops provide sufficient power to support demanding gaming sessions for gaming enthusiasts in Nepal.

You can easily play demanding games such as GTA, Counter-Strike, PUBG, Fortnite, DOTA, Valorant, FIFA, and more smoothly on Acer Nitro laptops. Additionally, these Nitro laptops offer processing power for content creation, multimedia creation, designing, editing, and multitasking. Acer Nitro competes with other gaming laptops of different brands, such as Asus TUF, Dell gaming series, HP Omen, Lenovo Legion, and HP Victus series. The Nitro 5 and Nitro 7 are the most popular models in this series. The competitive prices offered by Acer for a gaming laptop have proven that gaming doesn’t cost a fortune.

Acer Predator Helios & Triton Series Overview

If you want a more demanding gaming experience than the Nitro series, then the Acer Predator Helios and Triton Series are other options for the gaming lines. These two distinct lines of gaming laptops are tailored to meet the demands of professional gamers, esports enthusiasts, and power users. The Acer Predator Series is characterized by its bold gamer-centric design and robust performance capabilities. These laptops feature powerful processors ranging from the latest-generation Intel core i7 to i9 and Ryzen 7 to Ryzen 9, dedicated graphics cards, high-refresh-rate displays, and effective cooling systems.

Acer Predator Helios 300 is a top choice among Nepali gaming geeks. These Predator Helios laptops cost a hefty price depending upon the configurations. In contrast, the Triton Series boasts a sleek and slim all-metal design, maintaining the same high-performance hardware while emphasizing portability. The ultimate choice between the two series often comes down to personal preferences regarding design and mobility. Triton 300 and 500 are some famous models from this series.

Briefs of Acer Laptop Price in Nepal

Overall, Acer Laptops are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable laptop with excellent performance and durable build quality. Acer’s commitment to offering quality and reliable products will surely keep it the top laptop brand in the Nepalese market in coming years as well. To make your task more accessible, we have enlisted the latest Acer laptop price in Nepal and its specs so that you can choose the perfect laptop that meets your budget and needs. The price based on availability on our store and are updated on a daily basis. The below price can vary from other laptop stores price.

Acer Laptops Price in Nepal
Acer Aspire 3 | Core i3-N305 | 4GB DDR5 | 256GB SSD | Intel UHD | 15.6-inch IPS NPR 47500
Acer Aspire 3 | Intel Core i3 13th Gen | 8GB DDR5 RAM | 256GB SSD | Intel UHD | 15.6-inch IPS NPR 51999
Acer Extensa 15 | Core i5-1135G7 | Iris Xe | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 59499
Acer Aspire 5 A315-24P-R1RD | AMD Ryzen 5 7520U | AMD Radeon | 8GB DDR5 | 512GB SSD | 15.6-inch FHD NPR 62500
Aspire 3 Laptop | A314-23M | AMD Ryzen 5 7520U | 16GB | 512GB SSD | AMD Radeon NPR 64500
Acer Extensa 15 | Core i5-1135G7 | Iris Xe | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 67500
Acer Aspire 5 | Core i5-1335U | Iris Xe | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 69499
Acer Aspire 5 A514-55 | Core i5-1235U | Iris XE | 8GB | 256GB | 14″ FHD IPS NPR 70500
Acer Aspire 3 | Core i5-1235U | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | Iris Xe| 15.6-inch FHD NPR 71499
Acer Swift 3 | AMD Ryzen 7 5700U | AMD Radeon | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 14″ FHD Display NPR 80500
Acer Swift 3 SF314-512 | i5-1240P | 16GB RAM | 512 GB SSD | 14″ Display | 2023 EVO Certified NPR 82500
Acer Extensa 14 EX214 | Core i5-1135G7 | Iris Xe | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 14″ FHD NPR 85000
Acer Aspire 5 14 | Core i7-1355U | 8GB DDR5 | Iris Xe | 512GB SSD | 14-inch WUXGA NPR 88499
Acer Swift Go 14 | Core i5-13500H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | Iris Xe | 14-inch OLED WQXGA | Evo Certified | TUV Rheinland Certified NPR 93499
Acer Aspire 7 | Intel Core i5 12450H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 94999
ACER Nitro V ANV15-51 | Core i5-13420H | 8GB DDR5 | RTX 2050 4GB | 512GB SSD | 15.6-inch IPS NPR 96499
Acer Nitro V 15 | Core i5-13420H | 8GB DDR5 | RTX 4050 6GB | 512GB SSD | 15.6-inch IPS | 144 Hz NPR 117999
Acer Spin 5 | i5-1335U | 16GB DDR4 | 512GB SSD | Iris Xe | 14-inch IPS WUXGA | 2-in-1 | Windows 11 NPR 120500
Acer Nitro V 15 | Core i7-13620H | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | RTX 3050 | 15.6-inch IPS | 144 Hz NPR 128999
Acer Nitro 5 | Ryzen 7-7735HS | RTX 3050 4GB | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 131999
Acer Nitro V | Intel Core i7-13620H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD NPR 132500
Acer Predator Triton 300 | Core i7 12th Gen | 16GB | 512GB SSD | 6GB RTX 3060 | 14.0″ FHD NPR 140500
Acer Nitro 5 | Core i7-12700H | 16GB RAM DDR5 | RTX 4060 8GB | 512GB SSD | 15.6-inch FHD NPR 147999
Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 | Core i7-13700HX | RTX 4050 6GB | 16GB RAM |1TB SSD | 16” FHD NPR 180500
Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 | i7-13700HX | 16GB DDR5 | RTX 4060 8GB | 512GB SSD | 16-inch WUXGA |165 Hz NPR 182500
Acer Predator Helios Neo | Core i9-13900HX |16GB DDR5 | RTX 4060 8GB | 1TB SSD | 16-inch IPS | 165 Hz NPR 223000


Is Acer better than Asus?

Acer is a preferable alternative to ASUS. Acer beats ASUS is in terms of price; everything else, including customer support, design, and performance, favours ASUS. If you're looking for a high-range gaming laptop, ASUS has a lot of possibilities. However, the Acer nitro series laptop gives remarkable competition to gaming laptops out there and everyone wants a better laptop at a minimal price so Acer is the best option.

Which Acer laptop is good for students?

Acer Aspire 5 and Swift 3 laptops are perfect for students looking for an affordable and powerful device for school, college, or university.

Is Acer a good brand in 2024?

Acer is known for providing products at reasonable costs. Budget-conscious customers have more options with the best Acer laptops because they tend to be less expensive than other laptops while still providing durability and exceptional performance.

Which laptop is good for gaming, Acer Nitro or Acer Predator?

The Acer Nitro laptop is a budget solution for high-end gaming with top-notch specifications for gaming enthusiasts. In contrast, the Predator laptop is for hardcore gamers and professionals with a premium build and superior specifications. You can say Acer Predator is a more gaming powerhouse than the Nitro laptops.

What is price of Acer i3 laptops in Nepal?

The Acer i3 laptop price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 47,500 to Rs. 56,000.

What is the price of Acer i5 laptops in Nepal?

The Acer i5 laptop price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 68,000 to Rs. 1,33,000, depending upon the specs and Acer Laptop series.

What is the price of Acer i7 laptops in Nepal?

The Acer i7 laptop price in Nepal ranges form Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 2,05,000, depending uopn the specs and Acer laptop series.

What is the cost of Acer laptop with i5 12th gen procesor and 16GB RAM?

The Acer laptop price in Nepal for i5 12th Gen & 16GB memory starts at just Rs. 82,000 and can go above that depending upon the model and other key specs. For more detailed information, you can directly contact InfoTechs Nepal and well will help you acquire Acer laptop with i5 12th gen and 16GB RAM at the most affordable price in Nepal.