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Laptop Repair in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a bustling city, and as such there are many laptops repair centers to be found. But finding the best one can still involve some effort; you might not want just any random store for your trusted services! InfoTechs Nepal has been established with an aim to get rid of such complications by providing quick but thorough technical help to anyone who needs it the most. InfoTechs Nepal offers one of the best laptop repair services in Kathmandu with a dedicated technician team having sound expertise in handling basic to advanced technical issues. We assure you to provide quick service without unnecessary delays so that your computer doesn’t stay broken longer than necessary!
laptop repair in Kathmandu

When is the right time to Repair Your Laptop?

Laptop repairing is something you must consider after purchasing a laptop. But first, it is important that you realize when the right time is to repair your laptop. This is because the more you delay repairing, the more issues might emerge. So here is how you know exactly when you need your laptop repaired:-

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Battery Issues

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Power Issues

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Motherboard Issues

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Hard disk/drive Issues

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Display Issues

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Why Choose InfoTechs Nepal as Your Laptop Repairing Center in Nepal?

InfoTechs Nepal is a customer-centric business and focuses on your needs before anything else. We have a dedicated team of experts who are fully able to troubleshoot any hardware, software, or related issues regarding laptops in Nepal. We provide fully professional laptop repairs without botching your laptop and have excellent customer service.

The first line of support is that we have a strong online presence and you can easily message with your queries or discover our store on the internet. We have a robust communication standard which is helpful for our customers. We try to solve all the queries of the users and provide secure and complete repairing solutions for all your needs. So, if you, your friends, or your family need any kind of laptop repairing services, do not hesitate to contact us through our website, phone, or any medium that is easy for you.


How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Laptop?

The cost depends on the extent of repairing your laptop needs. If any of your parts need to be replaced, the cost will depend accordingly. Visit us in person or give us a quick call to determine the cost of replacing anything on your laptop. We here at InfoTechs can repair all brands of laptops except Apple laptops.

When Should You Service Your Laptop?

We recommend you service your laptops at least once a year. This annual servicing must include proper cleaning of laptops inside and out to prevent any kind of sudden stoppage of your laptop.

Is it Safe to Leave Laptop Overnight for Repair?

It really depends. We firmly recommend you to have your laptops repaired at authorized service centers so that there is no chance of losing your device or any parts being exchanged as things like that could happen at your local repairers sometimes. At InfoTechs, we ensure that your device safety will not be compromised in any way.

How Do I Secure My Laptop Before Repair?

Make sure that you have a backup of your files and remove personal data if you want to take precautions. InfoTechs Nepal is not responsible for any data loss that occurs during product repair.

How Do I Verify the Repair of Laptop?

If you fully understand the kind of repairing you signed up for, it will be easy for you. Checking for any added or removed programs, changes in memory, or date stamps in hard drive files can be seen to verify the completeness of the repair and security of the device as well. If you want an explanation of the work done on your laptops, we can explain the steps and fulfill your curiosity as customer satisfaction is what we want.

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