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While we prefer laptops for their compact and portable elements, one thing we miss is undoubtedly the mouse that makes scrolling and clicking a breeze. Although the touchscreen and trackpad are tech-savvy, the tactile experience offered by a quality mouse is unbeatable. Mouse is the most in demand for gamers and working professionals in Nepal for precision and control. So whether you are navigating complex spreadsheets, editing creative projects, or playing an intense game, a dedicated mouse's ergonomic design and responsive nature significantly enhance the overall user experience. You can find various computer mice in Nepal, from average to gaming models, including popular brands such as Logitech, HP, Fantech, Redragon, Rapoo, and others that are competitively priced. So, If you're looking for a reliable and efficient mouse, finding the perfect one at the best price in Nepal is essential. You can find a top-notch mouse that suits you for work or gaming; explore the best and latest collection at Infotech Nepal. See moreSee less

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Mouse Price In Nepal

Even in today’s era of touchscreens, while laptop touchpads and tablets provide pointer input, a dedicated mouse is still considered superior for various tasks that demand precision and speed, especially in Nepal, where computers and laptops are becoming increasingly popular for personal and professional purposes. Whether you are a casual home user or a hardcore gamer, having a good mouse can make a big difference to your overall experience, allowing you to navigate, create, and play with greater ease and accuracy.

You can find a wide range of mouse in Nepal available at a different price range which varies depending on brands, features, ergonomic design, compatibility and more. The Mouse price in Nepal ranges from NPR. 300 for a basic mouse and can go beyond NPR 5000+ for a high-end gaming mouse with advanced features. The mouse price can increase significantly as you move to a higher-end ergonomic, wireless gaming mouse with higher DPI sensors, multiple programmable buttons, versatile connectivity, customizable weights, and other premium features.

With the availability of diverse mouse brands in Nepal and various laptop stores and online providers selling mouse at differing prices, finding the right mouse that suits your requirements can be pretty challenging. With InfoTechs Nepal at your service, you can choose from an extensive range of mouse at the best price in Nepal. We offer genuine mouses from renowned brands ranging from wired and wireless to gaming mouse. Our sales team is there to assist you in choosing the right mouse that matches your requirements and budget. So, if you want a genuine mouse at an unbeatable price, you can visit our physical store or shop online for your convenience.

Types of Mouse Available in Nepal

Plenty of Mouse options are available in Nepal, and the prices vary depending on the brand, features, and performance capabilities. While we have mentioned some of them, which are listed below:

Wired Mouse

Wired mouse are computer mouse that require a direct connection to your desktop or laptop via a cable. They are usually affordable compared to wireless mouse, and you don’t have to worry about battery life or signal interference. The wired mouse offers a reliable and fast response time due to its connection, making it perfect and popular among professionals and gamers who require quick responses. Interference isn’t the issue here, which means there won’t be a disturbance between the computer and the mouse.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse have gained popularity due to their convenience and flexibility. These mouse use wireless technology, typically Bluetooth or a USB receiver, to connect to your computer or laptop. The Wireless mouse transmits the radio signals to a computer, and in response, the computer accepts the signal and decodes how the cursor was moved or what buttons were clicked. This mouse provides freedom of movement and eliminates the clutter of cables. However, they require batteries or recharging and may occasionally experience signal interference.

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is designed for gamers, offering advanced features such as high DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity, customizable buttons, a flashy design, and ergonomics for prolonged use. These mouse often come with software that allows users to customize their settings and macros for enhanced gaming performance. Some gaming mouse models come with adjustable weight options, which can make a difference during long gaming sessions with repeated mouse movements. Gaming mouse are expensive, with RGB lighting and grippy textures, compared to regular mouse.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mouse

When looking for a mouse, you should consider several factors. It can be challenging to find the ideal computer mouse. Mouse selection is essential and should be carefully considered, like laptop selection. First, it’s important to remember why you are purchasing it. The correct mouse can enhance the gaming experience, support professional productivity, or be a reliable companion for everyday tasks. A set budget can help you look into options that strike a balance between affordability and usefulness. Another thing you should consider is selecting between a wireless mouse and a more responsive wired connection.

For specifications and performance, you can check factors like DPI sensitivity, customizable buttons, and sensor types required for your main usage. For regular use, an average 400–1000 DPI mouse is sufficient. These variables, similar to a laptop’s processing capacity, guarantee your mouse can handle the demands of your specific tasks. Modern standard mice typically use optical devices that transmit data at a high rate of 125–1000 Hz to provide real-time tracking. When selecting a mouse, ergonomics, and comfort are other important factors. Choosing a mouse with an ergonomic shape that allows for a natural hand position reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury. Portability and lightweight design are ideal for travelling, and ergonomic large mouse encourage good wrist posture when working for an extended period. Think about if you prefer a quieter click as well.

Brief of Price of Mouse in Nepal [2024]

Overall the price of mouse in Nepal is determined based on its specifications, features and brand. Computer mouse prices in the Nepal start from approximately NPR 300 for basic options and extend to over NPR 5,000+ for high-end gaming mouse, with specifications, features and brand being the key determinants of the cost.

Mouse Price in Nepal
Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 रु 499
Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Mouse रु 1199
Redragon M908 IMPACT MMO Gaming Mouse रु 2500
Legend Chroma M990-RGB Gaming Mouse रु 4100
Redragon M720 Vampire 10000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse रु 2100
Redragon M715 DAGGER High-Precision Programmable Gaming Mouse रु 2300
Redragon STORMRAGE M718 10000DPI Gaming Mouse रु 2000
Redragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse रु 1300
Redragon Sniper Pro M801P 16400DPI RGB Gaming Mouse रु 4100
Redragon M612 Predator 8000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse रु 1800
Redragon M711 COBRA Gaming Mouse रु 2400
Redragon M719 INVADER Wired Optical Gaming Mouse रु 1800
Redragon M607 Griffin 7200 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse रु 1800
Venom II WGC2 Edition 2.4GHZ Wireless रु 2365
Phantom II VX6 Gaming Mouse-Neon Black रु 1750
Fantech Raigor II WG10 Wireless Gaming Mouse रु 1700
Fantech CRYPTO VX7 Gaming Mouse Sakura Edition रु 2200
Fantech X17 Blake Professional Wired Gaming Mouse रु 3250
Dell M200 Gaming Mouse रु 400
T-WOLF G510 Gaming Mouse रु 800
Havit HV-MS989GT Wireless Mouse रु 950
HP 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse रु 450
Enter E-78CU Optical Mouse रु 350
Havit Optical Mouse (MS70) रु 500
Havit Optical Gaming Mouse Gamenote MS1027 रु 1150


How expensive is a mouse?

While the basic wired mouse can be affordable, starting from 300, higher-end gaming mouse can cost from 400 and can go up to 35,000 because gaming mice have advanced features. The mouse can be expensive depending on the brands, attributes/features, and build quality.

What is a good gaming mouse?

A good gaming mouse features a lightweight, high-performance sensor and an ergonomic design. Good Gaming mice allow for accurate tracking, and the mouse's weight may be adjusted, which is a flexible choice with wireless operation and movable side grips.

What is a good cheap wireless mouse?

When looking for a good and cheap wireless mouse, you can go for Logitech, which is budget-friendly, reliable, and suitable for everyday use.