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Mi Laptop Price in Nepal

Xiaomi, also known as MI is a well-known tech brand that has started selling laptops lately after its enormous success in making quality smartphones. Mi laptops’ price in Nepal varies according to different models and specs packed in them. Mi is going to compete with seasoned big players in the market such as Dell, Asus, and others. Even though Xiaomi is not most known for laptops, you can’t just ignore them because they have the capability to make great devices. Before being excited, you must know how Mi’s laptops compare with existing brands in Nepal to find the best-priced Xiaomi laptop model for you.


The Chinese brand took the world by storm with its smartphones. Its expansion in laptops manufacturing is a positive note for customers as Xiaomi’s well known for providing quality specs within a modest budget. While Xiaomi laptops are not the best for everyone, they do have some of the best specifications on a budget.


Xiaomi Mi laptops have been generating quite a buzz because of the company’s low-priced smartphones which have tapped a large audience lately. Xiaomi laptop Price in Nepal can start from around 74,999/- in Nepal and can go up to 1,36,999/- depending upon the model and specifications. Mi laptops are available in the mid-budget range to the high but the value added by these laptops to your work and personal life is certainly worth the money. 


If you are searching for MI laptop prices in Nepal, InfoTechs Nepal has got you covered. MI has some of the best laptops within different budget ranges and the variety of specifications are also hard to keep up with. In this article, we have covered all laptop models of Xiaomi Mi, their specifications in detail, and most importantly their price so that you can choose according to your budget.

Mi RedmiBook Overview

Mi RedmiBook series contain laptops that might be best for an entry level user who does not have highly specific or strenuous requirements. Mi RedmiBook laptops are cheaper than the Notebook series which makes it ideal for users with tight budget. Having said that, the specifications provided by these laptops are promising and provide superior value to what you spend.


Let’s take a quick glance at both of these models of the RedmiBook series and see which one might be the best pick for you…

Mi RedmiBook e-Learning Edition

Of all the Mi laptops in Nepal, the Mi RedmiBook e-learning edition is the one that would be feasible for many users wanting to buy a budget laptop. Mi Redmibook e-learning edition’s price in Nepal is about 74,999 making it quite affordable for mid-level users.


It’s not to say that the Mi Redmibook e-learning edition is not meant for entry-level users because it is a great option for entry-level users as well. Mi RedmiBook e-learning edition is an amazing entry level laptop as it has 11th Gen i3 Intel processor and a Full HD display. .


Mi RedmiBook e-learning edition is an amazing entry level laptop as it has 11th Gen i3 Intel processor and a Full HD display. The 10 hour battery backup is seriously impressive and having up to 512 GB SSD makes this laptop great for both work and entertainment. Xiaomi has provided a wide trackpad which supports different gestures and includes HDMI port, 1 USB 2.0 port and 2 USB 3.2 port. Also, it has a SD card port just in case you want to transfer files from your SD card.

Mi RedmiBook 15 Pro

At 89999, Redmibook 15 Pro is a great laptop that has impressive specs and is certainly worth your money. Mi RedmiBook Pro is loaded with an 11th generation i5 processor and 8 GB RAM which can be sufficient if you have more general usage requirements.


Mi RedmiBook Pro is a great laptop to buy for mid-level users as it will not break your bank but you can’t exactly consider it to be a budget-friendly laptop.

If you have advanced requirements, you’ll be better off searching for the Mi Notebook series at InfoTechs Nepal as the RedmiBook pro is more suited for mid-level users with general requirements.


With Full High Definition Display and 512 GB SSD, the RedmiBook 15 is an incredible investment for the top-notch value it provides. With the anti-glare screen and 15.6” display and metallic brushed finish, you’ll never think that your laptop is not presentable. You can buy a genuine RedmiBook 15 pro at InfoTechs Nepal for a competitive price.

Xiaomi Notebook Series Overview

Xiaomi’s Notebook Series constitutes laptops that look premium and pack a punch when delving deeper into its technical capabilities. The sleek design of the notebook series coupled with highly competitive specifications makes it more than enough for professional as well as personal usage. Laptops in the Notebook series flaunt 11th series i5 and i7 processors which can pretty much handle most of your requirements.


The metallic build of the laptop makes it look very sleek and the display capabilities of these laptops are also impressive. There are different models falling under the Notebook series such as Mi Notebook Pro, Mi notebook 14, and Mi Notebook Ultra. Let’s take a quick look at these models and their prices in Nepal.

Mi Notebook 14

Mi Notebook 14’s price in Nepal is expected to be in the range of 70000 to 100000 depending upon the specs and models. A model like “Mi Notebook 14” will cost you only 70000 but if you’re looking at something like Mi Notebook 14 Horizon model with an i7 processor, the cost is expected to go in the range of 100000.


Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 is powered by 10th Generation i7 processor which is 16% faster than previous generation processor. Moreover, this laptop is also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce Mx350 which can come in handy if you are gaming or editing videos. Moreover, having 512 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM means your laptop can seriously deliver the performance as lagging won’t be such a big issue. 


The audio processing capabilities of Mi Notebook 14 is also quite impressive as the speakers are provided with DTS Audio Processing. Also, the Mi Notebook 14 can be a great mid -level laptop if you want something for work as well as entertainment. This laptop provides three different USB types- USB 2.0, USB type C and USB 3.1.


Mi Notebook’s price in Nepal is still an expected price and minor changes could be seen when the model is launched. Mi Notebook 14 has not been launched in Nepal but it has already generated quite a buzz because of the company’s great success in the mobile business. As soon as the model is available in Nepal, InfoTechs Nepal can help you buy this laptop at a minimal price.

Mi Notebook Pro

Mi Notebook Pro is not a budget laptop as it is  priced at a higher range. Buying one Mi NoteBook Pro  will cost you a whopping amount of NRs. 1,09,999/- but the specs boasted by this device is seriously worth it for this price. 


Mi Notebook Pro flaunts an impressive 11th generation i7 H35 processor and 512 GB SSD which can be very helpful for performing strenuous tasks on your laptops. Moreover, battery backup of 12 hours and flicker free display certainly provides value for your money. 

If you are a person who watches films and enjoys high quality visuals, the 3200×2000 resolution and wide color spectrum of this laptop will leave you wanting for more. Mi Notebook Pro is available in both 8 GB and 16 GB RAM versions. You can search for the specific version of the laptop in Infotechs Nepal’s website as per your need and get your products delivered safely.

Mi Notebook Ultra

Mi Notebook Ultra’s price in Nepal is quite expensive as it is a high-end model of Xiaomi packed with features that will keep you gasping for breath. Mi Notebook Ultra costs around 136999 in Nepal but don’t dismiss this laptop just based on the price alone. If you look at some of the specs flaunted by this laptop, there’s a strong probability that you’ll end up buying one as well.


Xiaomi claims Notebook ultra to have 11 hour battery life and the processing capability of 11th Gen i7 processor which is great. Ultra is powered by 3200Mhz RAM which comes in both 8 GB and 16 GB versions.


 At just 17.3 mm of thickness and a weight of 1.46 kilograms, you can take your laptop anywhere and have people admire it’s sleek and superior build. Xiaomi Mi Ultrabook features USB 2.0, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 4 which means you can practically use all kinds of USB devices in your laptop.

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How to Buy Xiaomi Laptops in Nepal?

There are multiple stores across Nepal from where you can buy Xiaomi Mi laptops. Having a choice is good but selecting the best alternative can be strenuous. Ordering laptops from InfoTechs Nepal is a great idea as you can get the best deals at competitive prices and have them delivered within 3 to 48 hours depending upon your location.

Mi laptops are soon to be available here in Nepal. You can also pre-order Mi laptops from InfoTechs Nepal at the best price and expect full accessories set on your purchase. Our accessories set includes a laptop bag, laptop cleaner, earphones, and a mouse. And also needless to point out, we also give one year of service warranty on every purchase from InfoTechs Nepal.

Summary of Xiaomi Laptops Price in Nepal

The given table summarizes Mi laptops’ prices in Nepal and currently, there are just 4 available models. This could increase in the coming days. All of these laptops fulfill the specific needs of a wide array of customers and the price is also not that outrageous. The success of these brands is going to be the key factor in how big of a player Xiaomi will become in the laptop market in the coming days. Hopefully, Xiaomi can recreate its success in the Smartphone industry in the laptop market providing more choice and value to the customers. Now, check these Mi laptops and their prices in Nepal.

Laptop modelsPrice in Nepal
Mi RedmiBook e-Learning EditionRs. 74999/-
Mi RedmiBook 15 ProRs. 89999/-
Mi Notebook ProRs. 109999/-
Mi Notebook UltraRs. 136999/-


Is RAM Extendable in Mi Notebook Laptops?

As all the Mi Notebook laptops come with soldered RAM, it is not upgradable. It is better to buy a version that can fulfill your requirements beforehand.

Can HDD be added to Mi Notebook laptops?

No, you cannot add HDD to your Notebook laptops as it is already equipped with more powerful SSDs.

Is Touch Screen Feature Available in Mi Notebook Laptops?

No, the Mi Notebook series of laptops are not equipped with touchscreens but they have high-quality displays.

Is Mi NoteBook Pro Suitable for Gaming?

While Mi Notebook Pro is good for casual games at FHD, it cannot adequately run high-powered games that require more display power.

Can Memory and Storage be Upgraded in Mi RedmiBook Pro?

Unfortunately, in the case of RedmiBook Pro, there are no extra slots for upgrading.