Canon EOS 90D Review

Canon EOS 90D Review


Model Name Price in Nepal Additional benefits
Canon EOS 90D RS 2,53,000 Two multi-controller buttons


Canon is a brand that is mostly known for its cameras. There are plenty of good DSLR cameras in its line up. One of those cameras is EOS 90D. It is an upgrade of EOS 80D which was launched in 2016.

General Features 

The EOS 90D comes with the new Digic 8 ISP. An improved 32.5MP APS-C sensor is also added to the 90D. This camera is a great fit for low-light shooters as it also provides up to 51,200 ISO for low-light shooters, making it a good fit. The ability to continuously shoot at 10 fps, is a significant upgrade from 80D’s ability to shoot at 7 fps. 4K videos can be taken at 30 fps on this camera. This is an important feature for DSLR cameras in today’s market. 


The Canon EOS is very similar to its predecessor the 80D except for the guts of the cameras which are quite different. Two multi-controller buttons located on the back of EOS 90D makes it easier for users to locate controls. The customizable camera functions in this camera can be operated by looking through the optical viewfinder.


The practical tests show that this APS-C camera has a very good resolution. But the resolution comparable to this camera is found in almost every one of its rival cameras.  So, Canon could have released a camera with a better resolution to outdo its competitors.

The high ISO performance of this camera is certainly impacted by the increased pixel density. At ISO 1,600 the fine-textured detail seems to start to smooth over. But, images still look good at a distance. ISO 25,600 may be too much, at ISO 6,400 or even ISO 12,800 the images look pretty good ( not unbearable). So, if details of the photos taken at low light are important, then it’s better to use a tripod and low ISO setting.  

General Specifications

Weight: 1216 grams

Size: 5.5 x 4.1 x 3.0 inches

Sensor: APS-C, CMOS

Sensor Size: 337.5mm2

Effective Megapixels: 32.5

Image Resolution: 1600 x 1600 (2.6 MP, 1:1)
                              2320 x 2320 (5.4 MP, 1:1),
                              3200 x 3200 (10.2 MP, 1:1),
                              4640 x 4640 (21.5 MP, 1:1),
                              2400 x 1344 (3.2 MP, ),
                              3472 x 1952 (6.8 MP, 16:9),
                              4800 x 2688 (12.9 MP, ),
                              6960 x 3904 (27.2 MP, 16:9),
                              2112 x 1600 (3.4 MP, ),
                              3072 x 2320 (7.1 MP, ),
                              4256 x 3200 (13.6 MP, 4:3),
                              6160 x 4640 (28.6 MP, 4:3),
                              2400 x 1600 (3.8 MP, 3:2),
                              3472 x 2320 (8.1 MP, 3:2),
                              4800 x 3200 (15.4 MP, 3:2),
                              6960 x 4640 (32.3 MP, 3:2)

Continuous FPS: 10
Video Resolution: 4K  AT 30fps, 1080P AT upto 120fpsLens: Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
Focal Length ( actual ): 18-135mm
Focal Length ( 35 mm equivalent ) : 29-216mm
Price: Rs 252,990 ( 18-135mm NANO lens )

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