Windows Defender’s Bug Giving Admin Access to Hackers Solved After 12 Years


Microsoft has finally brought a patch to the security vulnerability that has been in Windows Defender for 12 years. This vulnerability, known as CVE-2021-24092, affected the old Windows 7 to the new Windows 10.  

Because of this vulnerability, bad hackers could do escalations attacks. From which the malicious code was inserted into the Microsoft Defender system file. The bug was discovered by security investigators at Sentinel One last year.

The patch has just been brought by Microsoft. Defender temporarily resolves the malicious file, The problem within it was not completely resolved. In particular, the system did not specifically verify the new file.

Attackers could create a link system that would force defenders to delete incorrect files or run maliciously. 

Not finding a security vulnerability for such a long time is seen as a very serious issue. Looking at the Windows 10 device alone, Microsoft claims that more than 1 billion of its products are using Defender as the default anti-malware solution. 

But even after a long time, its security patch has become available. Microsoft has asked Windows users to update Defender. Businesses that have patch management software may not forget to download Microsoft’s latest security update. But consumers running older operating systems may be reluctant to use them.




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