Wi-Fi at the Everest base camp at the same price as Kathmandu


The government is preparing to extend Wi-Fi to the Everest base camp. Amid talk of China Mobile and Huawei jointly launching FiveG service from China to Everest Base Camp (altitude of 6,300 meters), Nepal is set to expand Wi-Fi.

For that, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has demanded a proposal from interested companies last Thursday. At the same time, the internet will be available at the Everest camp in Kathmandu at the same price.

For that, NEA will use the amount of its internal fund. Only Internet service providers will be able to participate. To participate, companies must have an annual turnover of at least Rs 20 million in the last 10 years.

Similarly, provision has been made that at least 100 fixed data service recipients have been expanded in rural areas in the last one year. There is also an additional requirement to have experience of operating 100 km fiber network.

Such a company will also be able to file a proposal in the form of JV with other companies. The work should be completed within 8 months from the date of selection of the company. 50 percent of the work will have to be completed within five months and the remaining 50 percent of the work will have to be completed within three more months.

In the project, the company will also have to expand the optical fiber network from Namche in Solukhumbu to the Everest base camp. NEA has set a maximum cost of Rs 80 million for this.

According to NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal, the company that will provide optical fiber network to the area will be able to operate in the area for the next 25 years.

Free Wi-Fi will be provided in the area for half an hour daily and free service will be available at other times. The project has been started with the objective of providing easy and convenient internet access to the Everest base camp.

“Even now, some service providers have started providing services on their own initiative,” said Aryal. As the service will be expanded by providing grant amount, the company will have to provide WiFi service at the minimum rate allowed by NEA.