The Unveiling of Huawei’s P50 Series to Happen Next Month


Huawei is one of the dominant Chinese smartphone brands. New products of brands like Huawei are always exciting, and many people are waiting for news of Huawei’s new smartphone. In the midst of that, Twitter licker @rodent950 has informed that Huawei will be revealing 3 new phones for the P50 series next month.

These phones will be:

  • P50
  • P50 Pro
  • P50 Pro Plus


These phones are expected to use chipsets manufactured by Huawei itself. Many people are eagerly waiting to analyze the performance of this chipset.

The flagship chipset Kirin 9000 is used in P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus, while the lesser Kirin 9000E is used in P50.

The prototype design of these phones has already been completed, and the production is expected to start in the near future.

Features like ultra-sensing camera systems, improved gaming, and display capabilities will also be present in the P50 series.

Since the manufacturer uses its own software named Huawei Mobile Service (HMS), services like play store, Google Maps, e.t.c., will not be present in this phone.




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