Dell Vostro 14 3400 Has Got a Sweet Price Drop


Because of COVID laptop market got hit hard and Nepal could not get a new release for long time. The cost of an average Dell Laptop has shot up as a result of excessive demand and importers struggling to match the supply.

This particularly affects those on a low budget who are looking to fulfill their educational needs, small businesses, or even their career to make ends meet.

Ok, maybe we find a good budget laptop that’s very well priced. The Dell Vostro 14 3400 was brought here by Zozo Hub at a very attractive price in Nepal. And maybe it’s just the one you’re searching for.


The price in Nepal for a Dell Vostro 14 3400 is NPR 78,000. This is for the 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD version, and at Zozo Hub you can buy it. The same Dell Vostro 14 3400 configuration costs $700 in the US, for example.

For better insight check out Dell Vostro 3400 price in Nepal


Pooja Shrestha

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