The Merge of Broadbands, Telecommunications, and ICT Policies

merge of policies

In the telecommunications market, the government of Kathmandu will make the three different policies the same. There is going to be the merge of broadbands, telecommunications, and ICT policies and the process has begun. Preparations for the inclusion of broadband, telecommunications, and ICT policies that have not been refined for a long time are underway. 

It is alleged that a letter to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority was sent by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to advise them to move on with the process. 

By uniting all three policies, the ministry has begun the process of formulating an ‘integrated communication and information technology strategy.’The Ministry accepted the term of reference (jurisdiction) for that reason and directed the NEA to prepare a draft.

It was decided to send the draft policy to the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal for the integrated communication and information technology policy, including the three appropriate policies related to the revision of Telecommunication Policy 2060. 

Broadband Policy 2071 and Information and Communication Technology Policy 2072 are based on the same letter. 

The consultant chosen will implement and draft all three policies.A draft will be submitted to the Ministry, prepared by the consultant in partnership with different stakeholders.

The procedure was only for study purposes. However, a ministry source said that the research will go forward, according to the source, only by analyzing the problems that may occur when the three policies are combined in one position.




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