The Dominance of the iphone Twelve in the 5G Phone Market

iphone12 pro

 Apple unveiled four new models of the iPhone 12 series in October 2020. Under these models, the iPhone 12 has been registered as the best-selling phone in the first two weeks of its launch.

According to a report released by Counterpoint, an organization that studies the mobile market, the iPhone Twelve had the highest sales in just two weeks of its release. Not only that, iPhone 12 Five has become the best-selling phone.

Although it has been released much later than other companies, the iPhone has made its mark in the market with the FiveG phone. According to the study report, about a quarter of the FiveG phones sold in October 2020 belong to the iPhone.

The iPhone Twelve has a market share of 16 percent and the iPhone Twelve Pro has a market share of 8 percent. The iPhone 12 Pro also ranks second among the FiveG phones in terms of sales.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Note Twenty Ultra is in third place with a 4 percent market share. The Samsung Galaxy Note was the best-selling FiveG phone until September 20th.

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