The Citizenship Correction System in the Citizen App is Ready

The citizenship correction app is ready

The civic app, recently launched by the government as a trial, has attracted a lot of users. Many individuals have complained that they were unable to open an account as the documents were not discovered as the citizenship details were made compulsory in the app.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the development of an online system to resolve people’s grievances. Now, the system’s operational preparations have been completed.

The system, which is currently being tested, will be made public within a few weeks, said Khumakant Acharya, head of the ministry’s IT branch.

According to the new system, in case the details are not found or not matched while opening the account in the Citizen app, the user will see the option to request for verification there.

After clicking on it, you can fill in the required details and take a photo from both sides of your citizenship and request for correction. Such a request sent from the citizen app will reach this new complaint handling portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It will have access to all 77 district administration offices of the country. The operator of the concerned district administration office will check the complaint and match it with the record.

Based on that, the ministry has stated that the work of keeping the details of non-entry and correcting the wrong details will be taken forward. In that process, the user will receive the update of each step as a mobile message.

If the person concerned has to go to the district administration office himself to correct any details, the user will also be informed. The administrative process for technical planning and implementation has already begun, according to Acharya.

According to him, the operator would be assigned to access the machine along with instruction. Acharya claimed that within a few weeks after the completion of the administrative and testing work, the facility to correct the citizenship information would be available.

Citizenship details can be corrected online as well as through other means. You can go to the administration office for this by email, phone number or directly, said the ministry.




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