The Cheapest Internet in the World in Nepal

The cheapest internet in the world

The cheapest internet in the world is in Nepal. According to a recent report by The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Nepal is the world’s cheapest country in terms of price.

At the same time, the internet fee has remained about Rs 193.42. According to the ICT Price Basket of ITU’s Alliance for Affordable Internet, it is the cheapest in the world.

Similarly, Nepal has managed to reduce the fixed broadband fee to less than 2 percent of per capita income (GNI). Nepal has made it to the list on the basis of per capita income for 2019-2020.

In India, the cost of fixed broadband internet is 3.17 percent of per capita income (GNI). The list includes members from Nepal, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

Out of a total of 178 countries included in the study, only 67 countries have so far achieved this goal. The remaining 111 countries are limited to countries with expensive internet.

The study report by ITU shows that Nepal’s fixed broadband internet charges have dropped to 1.96 percent of per capita income (GNI). Liechtenstein (0.34 percent), Kuwait (0.40 percent), Macau (0.47 percent), China (0.51 percent), and the UAE (0.55 percent) are the countries with the cheapest Internet per capita income.

Brazil and Saudi Arabia, two previous targets, have dropped out of the list. At the same time, 111 countries are still out of the target.

Although Nepal has achieved this success towards fixed broadband internet, it has not yet achieved the target towards mobile broadband.

In terms of mobile broadband connections, Moldova, Morocco, Botswana, Nigeria, Iraq, Libya, Maldives, Nauru, and Mongolia have achieved the target of 2 percent so far this year.

In this list of 190 countries, only 106 countries have met the target. Of these, four countries are underdeveloped, according to the ITU.

Similarly, 39 of the 84 countries that failed to meet this target are underdeveloped. According to the report, Nepal’s mobile broadband charges account for 2.55 percent of per capita income (GNI).

The fee for mobile data is 2.16 US dollars, which is more than 251 rupees 68 paise. ITU has used 1.5 GB of mobile data as the basis for this.




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