Six Ways to Understand and Complain About Telecom Services While Chatting


Nepal Telecom has launched ‘NT Chatbot’ to provide easy information about various services and methods of providing services. Through this, the service recipients will be able to get information automatically through chat from the website of Telecom.

For that, first open the website of Telecom . As soon as the website is opened, a small screen of NT Chatbot appears automatically. There you can see Need Help? Welcome to NT Chatbot.

By going there, you can choose the available options to get information about various services of the company.

For convenience, there is also the option of language selection. You can choose one of the Nepali / English languages ​​and ask questions.

According to the company, information about 4g, FTH, GSM prepaid, GSM postpaid, landline, NT app, online recharge, offers, packages etc. can be obtained through the chatbot.

Similarly, feedback and complaints can be made about various services. If the complaint or grievance cannot be addressed automatically through chatbot, the concerned department/official of the company has stated that it will study and manage the grievance.

NT Chatbot service automatically provides information based on the details placed on the website. If the customer of the company needs to get more information about any service, the company’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Instagram) can be used apart from NT chatbot.It is also mentioned that various information about services and facilities can be obtained from ‘ Nepal Telecom App ‘.




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