Set-Top Box Costs only One Rupee For Vianet Customers


Currently, Vianet has brought new offers to their home internet package. People can get a Set-Top box for just Rupees 1 if they buy 12 month internet package from Vianet. This offer is exclusively for a 1-year package so not every people can take the offer. Vianet has revised its offers for both home and corporate customers.

If you buy a 1-month internet package then you need to pay Rs. 1500 for Set-Top Box. Similarly, if you buy a 3-month internet package then you need to pay Rs. 1000 for Set-Top Box. This new offer is made for customers so that they can enjoy in less price. In Spite of that, every internet package includes Via Secure, Ultraboost, and Via TV (only if you have subscribed).

Vianet internet package ranges from 20Mbps to 60 Mbps with Via TV included in it. You can also upgrade your router to a 5GHz router but it will cost you Rs. 3100 to upgrade.


Pooja Shrestha

Pooja is the Business Analyst at InfoTechs Nepal. A Computer Engineering graduate, she is an amazing content creator who gives life to our book of ideas. She adds the creative punch to our social media posts, videos, and blogs. She is also a fabulous artist by passion.