Samsung Is Working On Its First AR Glass

samsung first AR glass

The market for gadgets is a very competitive market. No brand wants to be left behind. A brand may be left behind if they fail to make gadgets their competitors are manufacturing. So, once Apple announced an AR glass, it was expected for Samsung to get into the market of AR glasses as well.

Samsung has been hinting at manufacturing AR glasses for years. But, the latest leak from a fairly reliable source, WalkingCat has made it almost certain that Samsung is working on an AR glass. 

The two videos that are leaked, show Samsung’s vision for AR glasses. The first leaked video shows that Samsung wants to incorporate the feature that allows the glass to project a giant virtual screen. These virtual screens can be used for:

  • Playing Games
  • Relaxing in your personal movie theater
  • Using a virtual computer monitor
  • Have a direct live view of images shown by a drone 

Samsung also wants to show any 3D Digital object in the real world to the wearers of its AR glass. This information can be gathered from the second leaked video.

Samsung is realistic with the fact that using an AR glass using hand gestures in the open air is not a viable option for short-term use. They want the AR glass users to navigate the glass to smartwatches. 

Samsung’s plan is ambitious. If Samsung can incorporate all of these features into an AR glass as quickly as possible, it would be a tough competition for its probable competitors like Apple and Microsoft.

But, there is no detailed information on how far Samsung has come in developing these AR glasses. It is very unlikely that Samsung will accomplish all of its goals with its very first AR glass. But, Samsung is one of the best brands in the world. So, whatever they are going to produce, it’ll be interesting.




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