Samsung is Making a 600 MP Camera Sensor for Smartphones

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The camera is one of the most important parts of any smartphone. A great smartphone with a bad camera will not sell well. So, smartphone manufacturers are always trying to build a better smartphone camera than their competitors. Because of this, the quality of smartphone cameras has improved significantly in a short period of time. And, the quality of smartphone cameras is going to be better in the future. So, to keep themselves ahead of their competitors Samsung is making a 600 MP camera sensor for smartphones. This news has been confirmed by the popular leakster IceUniverse. This means Samsung is about to develop a camera that will have a higher resolution than the human eye. 576 MP is said to be the resolution of the human eye. A powerful man within the multinational electronic giant had previously expressed the desire to develop a sensor that goes beyond the human eye. 


Current Status

Infotechs Nepal: ISOCELL pixel binning technology


To develop such a camera sensor, Samsung is looking to use the ISOCELL pixel binning technology. Almost every high-resolution smartphone camera uses pixel binning technology. In this technology, a bunch of tiny pixels is treated as a single pixel. The development of a 600 MP camera is going to take time. Do not expect the next Samsung smartphone to have this camera sensor. You can expect to see 150 MP, 200 MP, or 250 MP cameras from Samsung before the 600MP camera sensor is unveiled. The current prototype of the camera covers around 12 percent of the smartphone’s area. This results in the smartphone having a 22mm bulge. This will not look pretty at all. So, there is a long way to go before Samsung concludes its ambitious project. But, there is still a possibility that Samsung will eventually end up using a bulgy design for their smartphone to incorporate this powerful camera sensor.  When completed, the camera is expected to be 1/.0.57″ big and have a 0.8µm pixel size.


Usefulness Of A 600 MP Camera Sensor


Obviously, the main purpose of a 600 MP camera is to put the upcoming smartphones of Samsung ahead of its competitors. But, Samsung plans to use the 600 MP cameras on other things than just smartphones. A 600 MP camera sensor is going to help people working in agriculture and medical fields as well. The sensor with an ultra-light proportion proposed by Samsung will be able to differentiate healthy and cancerous cells to diagnose skin cancer. The infrared proposed in the camera can be used to assess the quality of agricultural products and other industrial products. A 600 MP camera is going to be really useful for autonomous vehicles and drones as well. 


The Trend Of Higher Resolution Cameras In A Smartphone


Smartphone manufacturers boasting about the higher resolution of their cameras is nothing new. If a smartphone has a high-resolution camera then it will be a great point to focus on for marketing teams. 64 MP cameras in a smartphone used were unheard of a few years back. Now you do not even have to buy a flagship phone to get 64 MP cameras. Right now, Samsung’s flagship phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra feature a 108 MP camera. Brands putting 108 MP cameras in their flagship phone has become a common trend.




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