Samsung Announces Launch Event of Galaxy A52 And A72

galaxy unpacked a72 1

Samsung is bringing their new phones in their A-series mid-range line, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. And not only this they are launching the phones in both 4G and 5G iterations. The specifications of these phones have been leaking a lot lately, which can clearly mean that Samsung will have their official announcement right in the corner.

And what we got here, yesterday Samsung just announced their next launch event. They call it Galaxy Awesome Unpacked as stated on the launch event banner. The exact time for the event for unveiling their new smartphones, Galaxy A52 and A72 is scheduled for March 17 at 10 AM ET or 20:45 in Nepal. Below is the teaser video for the upcoming launch event.

Previously it just used to be Galaxy Unpacked and now there is Galaxy Awesome Unpacked, this might be because the upcoming phone is A series. Galaxy A52 and A72 are the most important smartphones for Samsung’s mid-range phones because their different previous phones have been successful to become one of the best-selling smartphones. We will know more about the specifications on the launch day.




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