Exciting news for PUBG Player: Nepal could possibly have a PUBG server of its own!

pubg server in nepal

Recently in Nepal, the craze towards e-sports has been increasing rapidly, thanks to the recent victory of domestic teams in international competitions. There is a piece of good news to all who belong to this crowd i.e. Pubg Server in Nepal. Stakeholders are presently looking into the possibility of installing a dedicated cache server for famous games like PUBG in Nepal.

PUBG server in Nepal

The issue was raised in the current episode (Part 9) of TechPana’s Telcos Policy Debate Series which focused on local content on the internet. Thus, for the audience to speak about the localization of international gaming franchises such as PUBG, it was a perfect platform.

Throughout the live broadcast, one of the audience members put their query about the feasibility of a PUBG server in Nepal, to which Bimilesh Jha, Deputy Manager of Nepal Telecom, responded that it is possible.

PUBG has its dedicated server in Pakistan and also India had one before the PUBG ban. Thus, it’s obvious that our gamers want one in Nepal, too.

Difficulty in the way of game servers

However, the Government of Nepal doesn’t have any understandable guidelines about the matter, he added.

pubg sever in nepal

Back in 2019, for instance, the government banned the popular online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in the country, which was lifted by the Supreme Court. Without any proper provisions regarding e-sports, we cannot assure that such events would not repeat in the future. Thus, although the installation of local servers of games like PUBG in Nepal is possible, the lack of the right guidelines about the matter makes it a risky move for ISPs and NT.

These bodies hesitate to put effort into bringing content that could easily be blocked by the government in the future. Thus, It is necessary for our country to have a clear policy about the types of content which are legal and which are not. This could help game servers, such as that of PUBG to make their way to Nepal.

PUBG server and Worldlink in Nepal

However, Nepali gamers can still hope for a local PUBG server. Mr. Jha has confirmed the ongoing discussion on this matter. In addition, Samit Rana, CTO of Worldlink, has confirmed that they are also into something, and users will soon come with some good news about PUBG.

Brief about game server, and its importance

A server that hosts certain games locally or remotely is termed a gaming server. These are mostly set up by the game developers in different regions for a reliable, stable, and fast connection for our favorite game. These servers are capable of accepting/processing users’ input and even stimulating the game environment.

A country-specific game server means that gamers can have their input processed instantly in the domestic region which will result in reduced lagging during gameplay and provide smooth gaming experience. It also lets developers roll out country-specific events.

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