Dell Inspiron 5301: Portable Laptop in Nepal

dell inspiron 5301 pink color, i7 variant

Dell Inspiron 5000 series is a new laptop model. Dell Inspiron 5301. I have been using this laptop for a few weeks now and I am reviewing it on the same basis today.

Depending on the processor, you can find three variants in this laptop. This variant I have used the Eleventh Generation Intel Core i7 processor.

In addition to the other two variants of the 11th generation, Intel Core i3 and i5 processor can be found. First of all, I want to talk about its portability.

Which is also the best feature of this laptop. This 13-inch laptop weighs about one kilogram.

From this you can guess how light and easy this laptop is. It can be easily carried with one hand.

If you carry a laptop daily to the office or college, this may be the right choice for you. Or even if you are constantly traveling, it can be easily traveled in a bag.

It doesn’t take up much space in your bag, nor is it heavy. So light and portable, the design of this laptop is also very stylish and premium.

Due to its metallic body and slim design, you can get a very premium experience when carrying it in your hand. Speaking of the port on the laptop, there are four ports on the left side.

Including charging port, HDMI 1.4 port, USB 3.2 Gen One Type A port and USB 3.2 Gen One Type C port). Similarly, the right hand side of the laptop has three ports. It has USB 3.2 Zen to port, headphone jack and microSD card reader.  

If you look at the back of the laptop, you can see two large air vents in it. You can also see the right and left speakers.

You can also see rubber made drop hing in it. As a result, when the laptop is opened, its position rises slightly above the ground level.

The advantage of this is that the air in the laptop can come and go well and does not allow the problem of heating the laptop to come. It also makes it easy to type on your laptop. 

Speaking of the display, it has an anti-glare 13.3-inch full LED display. This WVA display has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

In addition, this laptop has a brightness of three hundred nits. You can see the screen in the sunlight outside. It also has 95 percent SRGB color gamet.

Because of this, the actual color of the object and the color seen on the laptop is not much different. In terms of performance, it uses the Eleventh Generation Intel Core i7-1165G Seven processor.

It was made public only in June 2020. Speaking of graphics, it uses the discrete graphics of Nvidia’s GeForce MX350. Which has two GB of GDDR five graphics memory.

It also has 512 GB SSD for storage and 8 GB RAM with LPDDR4 X technology. As a result, the memory speed of the laptop is very fast and it consumes very little power.

You can easily multitask in it. You can easily switch from one app to another. High end gaming can’t be said, but normal gaming can be played without lag fun.

It also lets you easily edit videos up to 1080 pixels. In fact, the performance of this laptop is very good for your daily activities on both CPU and GPU basis. 

Now let’s talk about its webcam. In it you can take videos up to 1280 by 720 resolution at 30 fps. Video quality is also good.

Its webcam works well for video conferencing purposes. It has two microphones for sound input. 

Talking about the keyboard, I liked the keyboard of this laptop very much. All key sizes are fine. There is enough space between them.

It is very easy to type and there is no sound while typing. What makes it a little unsatisfactory is its backlight.

When it is completely dark, its backlight is fine. But even a little bit of light makes it harder to see the keys because of its backlight.

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