POCO Changed Their Logo to Something Mad

poco new logo, made of mad

Recently, POCO has unveiled its new company logo and mascot exclusively to the Indian market. They have also revealed their new tagline – ‘Made of Mad’ that is related to the new logo of POCO. The difference between the previous logo and the new logo is the font and the new mascot that replaced O.

The new mascot of the company looks like an emoji which is an integral part of the logo. POCO has been aggressive with its strategies, with the pricing, with its social media presence and witty response in the official Twitter handle and their logo reflects the same nature.

The meaning of their new mascot is given below in the infographic.

meaning of POCO new mascot
Image from @nirmaltv

The brand started as a sub-brand of Xiaomi and now became an independent brand just a year ago. Despite the brand being independent, POCO still, shares manufacturing and hardware from Xiaomi. Previously, Redmi phones were rebranded as POCO devices that raised lots of questions on the internet.

POCO is being bigger in India day by day and they have been providing fantastic deals and pricing on smartphones. The devices are targeted for enthusiast customers with a low budget and the strategy has been working well. They are now the third-largest smartphone brand by online sales in India according to Counterpoint Research.




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