Nepal’s Internet is Cheaper Than China and India!


A new report on global Internet access has been made public.The Internet Connectivity Index-2021 has recently been published by the British research institute Broadband Option .

Based on 169 countries’ broadband and mobile networks, the study has brought out new facts. Nepal is ranked 132nd in the Accessibility Index with 65.4 points, according to the survey.

The study carried out a review on the basis of various parameters. This included fixed broadband speeds, prices for home internet packages, mobile data (per GB), and countries with Internet connectivity populations.

Furthermore, the study is focused on the mobile internet, the coverage, the number of WiFi hotspots open to the public and the number of websites running in their own language.

In this regard, the report has shown that Nepal’s internet is cheaper compared to neighboring India and China. According to the report, Nepal is ranked 13th out of 169 countries in the list of countries with cheap internet.

The average monthly fee for internet service in Nepal is around $13.8 on average, or Rs 1,600, according to the report.

According to the report, Ukraine is the country with the cheapest internet. The average internet price there is only ७ 7 per month.

The price of internet is 14.6 per month in neighboring India and २४ 24 per month in China. India and China are ranked 108th and 114th in the Accessibility Index, respectively.

Despite being cheaper in overall monthly charges, Nepal ranks 62nd in mobile data. While India is one of the cheapest countries in the world in terms of mobile data. The average price of one GB of data is only ४ 0.4.

In China and Nepal, the price of one GB of data is the same 3/3 dollars. These figures are based on the country’s Internet access and population.




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