Nepal’s Binit Ghimire Discovered Facebook’s DNS Record Vulnerability


Binit Ghimire, a cybersecurity researcher from Bharatpur Chitwan, has discovered the vulnerability of the DNS record on Facebook. Binit Ghimire an undergraduate student has been able to discover the vulnerability in Facebook at such a young age which is a great thing in the context of Nepal.

In December 2020, Binit reported the security vulnerability on Facebook after finding that a bad character could take over the subdomain by abusing that vulnerability. 

Facebook presented his report on Tuesday and offered a reward of US $500 i.e 58,000 Nepali rupees. At the same time, he has become the third Nepali to be featured three times in a row on Facebook’s White Hat Thanksgiving page. 

An undergraduate student in computer engineering at United Technical College, Binit is a full-stack web developer and web network penetration tester. 

Apart from Facebook, he said, he has received rewards and accolades from 70 different multinational companies, institutions, and universities around the world.
Things apart, We can clearly see the development of the information security field is getting advanced in Nepal too.

Pooja Shrestha


Pooja Shrestha

Pooja is the Business Analyst at InfoTechs Nepal. A Computer Engineering graduate, she is an amazing content creator who gives life to our book of ideas. She adds the creative punch to our social media posts, videos, and blogs. She is also a fabulous artist by passion.

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