Nepal Telecom is bringing eSIM from the next fiscal year


Nepal Telecom has decided to introduce Internet-based SIM cards (eSIMs) to its users from the next fiscal year 2078/79. It has planned to import around 8 million eSIM by the end of next fiscal year. With virtually everything getting digitized and technology-enabled today, Nepal Telecom, a government-owned telecom company has also taken this smart step. Below, we will cover everything you need to know about eSIM and its implementation in Nepal

What is an eSIM?

As the name implies, eSIM is an electronic SIM card that is designed to replace physical SIM cards. It is a virtual embedded system which means that it cannot be removed like any other physical SIM card. By implementing eSIM it is easier to switch network operator without having to change the physical SIM. 

The eSIM technology was adopted first by Apple with the launch of Apple watch 3. After that, it was first spotted in the smartphone market in the Google Pixel 2. But now the hype of the eSIM has grown as many other devices are using it including cars and most flagships gadgets. As of now, Apple’s iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series, iPhone X, XS Max, iPhone XR as well as iPhone Eleven and Twelve Series devices, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, S20 and S21 series, Google’s Pixel devices, and other high-end devices support e-SIM.

Advantages of eSIM

The information in eSIM is rewritable – this allows you to change your operator with just a single phone call; No headache of changing physical SIMs anymore. Plus it does not require a separate space to chip in the card. Another advantage would be for international travelers because it can be used everywhere in the world in the local network without worrying about the roaming charges. eSIM does support dual-SIM connectivity which is again another plus point.

If everything goes as planned, we will get to see how effective the concept of eSIM will prove to be in Nepal. Let’s hope for the best!

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