Nepal Spent Rs 24 Billion in 7 Months to Buy Mobile Phones

nepal spent rs 24b in 7 month to buy mobile phone

 In the last seven months of the current fiscal year alone, mobile phones worth Rs 24.68 billion have entered Nepal.

 Import data released by the Customs Department up to January/February of the current fiscal year suggest that so much of the cell phone was imported into Nepal.

A total of 43 lakh 68 000 872 cell phones were imported during this time, according to the customs department. As a result, revenue of Rs 3.80 billion has been collected by the government alone.

According to the customs department, 74,224 mobile phones have entered Nepal in January alone. For which Rs. 3.43 billion 78.48 million has been spent.

During this period, 61,397 smartwatches have been introduced. For which Rs. 124.17 million has been released from Nepal.

How Many Mobile Imports from Which Country ?

China36,32,40215.36 billion 75.81 million
India5,40,9447 billion 60 million 92 million 90 thousand
Vietnam1,90,87090 crores 16 lakhs 12 thousand
other4,65614 crores 49 lakh 65 thousand
Deposit43,68,87224.68 billion

Source: Customs Department

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