Full Version of Nagarik App Launched. Find Out What’s new and Exciting?

Nagarik App

Nepal Government has launched a full version of the Nagarik App. On the occasion of the fourth National ICT Day, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli himself made the app official. The app is launched to ease Nepali citizens in getting any government services by encouraging digital transactions. 

Nagarik App Overview

Government offices are mostly crowded and standing in a queue to accomplish even a single task is troublesome and time-consuming. With Nagarik App you can get access to most government services at home- No need to rush to government offices carrying personal, educational, or other important documents anymore. Nagarik app has the certified details of citizens including citizenship, passport, PAN number, educational certificates, and Voter identity card.

Nagarik App

Services Available Within the Nagarik App

  •  Issuance of PAN card
  • Maintain records of your citizenship, passport, educational certificate and voter id card 
  • You can even get a Police Clearance Report
  • “Hello Sarkar” feature to file your grievances which directly reach to the Government 
  • Tracking transaction details of citizen investment fund, social security fund, provident fund, and loan details.
  • Helpful to apply for driving license, Public Service Commission examinations and other governmental services
  • Allows you to pay vehicle’s taxes and renewal fees through the app
  • view health insurance information
  • “Mero Kitta” feature to view your land registration certificate, status of your land and pay tax
  • Pay revenue online

Also, a new exciting feature on this app is that you can even open a new bank account filling a form via a QR code. Scanning a QR code the app verifies citizens’ identity recorded within an app and fills out all the required fields on the form. With this, opening a bank account is now really simple and time-saving.

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