Mobile Can Be Manufactured And Assembled in Nepal

Nepal Telecommunication Authority is going to study the possibility of manufacturing mobile phones in Nepal. A necessary process has been taken forward for that. According to NEA, preparations have been made to study the possibility of mobile production and whether it can be refurbished or not. Refurbishment is the process of selling old smartphones in the market after being certified by various companies.

NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that NEA has already formed a task force for the study. The taskforces include representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, representatives of the Mobile Importers Association, independent experts, and representatives of the Authority.

From this, international practice, current situation, the tax system of the Government of Nepal, and other necessary documents will be studied. According to Aryal, the report will be prepared based on the study. Earlier, NEA had appointed a consultant in 2076 BS to study the feasibility of manufacturing mobile sets in Nepal under the governments make in Nepal’ scheme.

Mobile Manufacturer

In the report of the consultant, the issue of tax, technology, and the need to meet the criteria was raised. Spokesperson Aryal said that a new task force has been formed to address the issues raised by the study. Currently, 25 to 30 billion mobile phones are being imported annually. NEA expects to save only 10 percent if it can be assembled or refurbished within Nepal.

Pooja Shrestha


Pooja Shrestha

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