Mobile App “Around” to Help You Grow Your Business for Free


The mobile app ‘Around‘ has started to include business for free keeping this need in mind. The app is designed to inform customers about the goods and services provided by businesses around the country.

Repeated lockdowns and bans have weighed on the overall business. In today’s context, selling your goods and services through digital means is a compelling option.

Raj Regmi, founder of Nepal Pralika, said that entrepreneurs can easily reach out to consumers through digital medium through their app. 

It is also easy to register your business in the app. For that, first you have to download the app on your mobile and open an account with your name and mobile number.

After opening an account, go to ‘Create Store’ and mention your business name and address. In this way, any kind of business can be registered around, said founder Regmi. 

Entrepreneurs can specify their service period after registering in the nearby app. From which the customer can know whether the app is open or closed at that time.

Whether there is a home delivery system and what are the payment options (bank card, e-service, pocket, sale pay) can also be mentioned in the app. The company believes that this will make business and customers comfortable.

In today’s competitive market, marketing a business requires a lot of investment. In this case, the risk of incurring the same loss as the investment remains the same.

However, Regmi says that there is no such risk as the app will bring buyers and sellers together in one place. Regmi said that the main goal of the app is to increase the consumption of locally produced goods and services and facilitate the shopping of the customers.

At present, customers are forced to travel long distances for goods and services as they do not know about each other’s business. On the other hand, even businesses are not getting customers.

The surrounding app will solve this kind of problem and save both parties time and money. The app will also act as a shopping guide around the newcomer.




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