MNS Acquired Hamrobazar For 10 Crore Rupees!

movers and shakers bought hamrobazar

We all know what Hamrobazar is right? For the people who do not know, it is a simple buy and sell website like eBay but for Nepal. It is very simple to post your ads or buy an item that is being sold. It does not have any complicated features or lengthy processes to buy and sell in Nepal. You just have to register your account and then with the button saying Post your ad you can sell your unused item or your second-hand item directly on the website with some details of it.

Nowadays, people even use it to boost their businesses or their stores. They can sell their store items on the website and show them to thousands of customers. And that is all for free, you do not have to even pay for your ad posting there. By doing so most of the people have had a good running business.

Here, today we have very hot news related to Hamrobazar. It is in the rumor that Hamrobazar has been acquired by one of the big players in the startup scene, Movers and Shakers (MNS). They are the company that has been taking many startups under their franchise and growing together. With brands like Foodmario, Next venture Corp, Uptrendly, and many more, it’s surprising to see they acquired Hamrobazar.

Hamrobazar and MNS

Movers & Shakers – Infinite Possibilities officially posted on their Facebook page about them acquiring Hamrobazar on March 10. Also, the new CEO of Hamrobazar is Rohit Tiwari from now on. Tiwari is also the Founder of Foodmario and was involved in it for the last 3 years and more. They have posted an image saying:

Dear All,

We at MNS Investments are honored to announce that we have acquired Hamrobazar. We have always marveled at how Hamrobazar has remained the unquestioned leader of Nepal’s digital marketplace, and we believe we can take the company to even greater heights. We are confident that by synergizing the strengths of Hamrobazar and MNS, we can accelerate the overall growth of Nepal’s digital marketplace. We would like to thank Hamrobazar’s founder and outgoing MD, Prabal Saakha, for choosing us to carry forward—and build on—his company’s legacy. We would like to assure all Hamrobazar users that our ecosystem will always be free to use and be a part of. We would also like to declare here that the company vision will be executed by Rohit Tiwari, Hamrobazar’s new CEO.

Sambhav Sirohiya

How much is Hamrobazar worth?

What do you guys think Haamrobazar costs? You might not know that but according to the Worth of Web website, we could find that the worth of the brand is $464,800 which sums to NRs. 54,204,511.20 in total. But, here’s the catch! The report from TechinHimalaya states that it was acquired in NRs. 10 crores. Not going to lie, it is really huge amount.

How can Hamrobazar improve?

Now to say the truth Hamrobazar website does not really stand out. It has the same old layout with many problems and hard to get used to. For the site like Hamrobazar which is most popular and is widely accepted, the website should have looked better. Nonetheless, it was a brand made in 2010 and I think it hasn’t updated since then. What MNS could really do is they can change the whole layout of the website from old-school to something better and friendly.




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