Millions of Samsung and Apple Users Can Get Rs. 5,000 Compensation

apple and samsung logo together

A study has shown that more than 29 million users of Samsung and Apple mobile phones have been entitled to compensation in the last six years.

According to the study, the customer has to pay the price due to the tech company Qualcomm. As a result, customers are expected to receive a total of 482 million pounds sterling, or more than 78 billion.

The UK consumer group has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm based on consumer rights law. Customers have to pay higher prices when Qualcomm violates the Healthy Competition Act, they said.

“Qualcomm’s patent strength of the chipset has driven associations like Apple and Samsung to pay higher costs for using the chip,” he said. As a result, companies are selling expensive smartphones to customers to raise the fee.

Therefore, the group has said that the company has to bear the compensation from October 1/2015, to date. It is mentioned that all the customers who buy iPhone and Samsung mobile from October 2015 till now will get the benefits.

If the court rules in favor of the lawsuit, the customer will receive compensation of  5 to 30, depending on the model of the mobile. On average, most users can earn 17 pounds sterling.




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