List of Top Smartphone Brands Providing Android 11 Update

Nokia, Xiaomi, Samsung, and ASUS logo together

While talking about Android 12 may not be relevant to talk about Android 11. But many users are waiting for the Android 11 update. Android 11, which was released to the public on September 8, has now been 6 months.

Although companies have announced new operating systems for their fixed smartphones, so far only a few updates have been made available.

In the meantime, many of you may be curious about the status of the company that has been providing the update of Android 11 so far. Based on this, Android update companies do not provide updates very quickly.

By providing the Android update, the companies are fulfilling its commitment to provide support to their users for so many years. But which companies are standing in that commitment?

Because that’s why the company attracts the user to buy the device again. So here are the top 10 mobile brands which have been providing the  Android 11 update:

1. OnePlus

oneplus red logo

OnePlus is at the forefront of providing Android 11. Users were also given a beta version of Android 11 by the company. Within a month of the launch of Android 11 as the Oxygen OS, the company had made the One Plus 8 and 8 Pro available.

The company has spent a little more time than the Android 10 update. The company made Android 10 available to customers within 18 days of its launch. OnePlus 7 and OnePlus Nord are available on Android 11.

2. Oppo:

oppo logo on green background

 Like OnePlus, Oppo has provided its users with Android 11 updates in a short time. This does not mean in a month like OnePlus. Oppo released the new update 56 days after Android 11 became available.

The update based on Caller OS 11 has been made available on sets including Oppo X2, F17.

3. Xiaomi :

xiaomi mi orange logo

Xiaomi made Android 11 available to its users only 62 days after its release. The company’s flagship smartphone, the MI10 series, was available at the time.
The update, which came as MIUI 12, has been made available on Redmi K30, Poco F2 Pro.

4. Realme:

Realme Logo on yellow background

Another Chinese smartphone brand Realme is also ahead in providing Android 11 updates. Realme made the update available 87 days after Android 11 went public. The Android 11 was made available in Realme X50 Pro.

5. Samsung: 

Blue Samsung Logo on White Background

Samsung ranks fifth on this list. Looking at the previous events, it does not seem that Samsung has provided the update of Android in a short time. However, the company also made the update available 95 days after Android 11 went public.

It started with Galaxy S20 and Note 20. That said, the Galaxy S10 and Z are already available on the Flip.

6. Sony: 

White SONY Logo on Black Background

Samsung and Sony provided Android 11 updates to their users at about the same time. According to Android 11 Update Tracker, Sony has provided a new update in just 97 days to its user.

It started with Sony Xperia 1 II. However, the Android 11 update has been made available on Xperia 5 II, Xperia 1, and Xperia 5.

7. Asus: 

Red Asus Logo on White Background

Asus is ahead in the Android 10 update but Asus is behind in the Android 11 update. Asus made Android 10 available to users within two months of its release. However, Android 11 is only available in 112 days.

The company had made its first update available through Zenfone 6. Asus Zenfone 7 and 7 Pro are still available only beta version.

8. LG:

LG logo on White Background

Like Samsung, LG has always been behind in providing the  updates. In the case of Android 10, the company has made Android available in only 144 days.

The company has provided the update of Android 11 through Velvet series phones. However, for other models like V60, G8X, Wings, no update is available yet.

9. Motorola:

motorol logo on white background

LG and Motorola are lagging behind in providing updates to Android 11. As of LG, Motorola also provided new updates to its users in 144 days. The company also released the update of Android 10 only 98 days after it was made public.

The Android 11 provided by Moto G Pro is not available in other sets so far. But the company has said that it will provide Android 11 on AZ, Rear, One, G series smartphones.

10. Nokia:

Blue Nokia logo on white background

Android 10 made available in just 36 days Nokia has made Android 11 available only after a long time. According to Android 11 Update Tracker, the company has provided the update of Android 11 in just 147 days.

No information has been received about making Android 11 available on other sets available through Nokia 8.3.




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