iPhone 11 Becomes Best Selling Smartphone of 2020

iphone 11 every color variant

2020 has become the worst year for the smartphone industry as well as other industries too as the sales have gone quite down. In spite of being a hard year for the smartphone industry, Apple has topped the chart by becoming the top-selling smartphone in the world. According to the report from Omdia, iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone of 2020.

iPhone 11 was launched in 2019 and has been doing great since then. As per Omdia research, 64.8 Million units of iPhone 11 were shipped in 2020. Not only in 2020 but Apple was able to be best selling smartphone in 2019 as well with its iPhone XR. Not only iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone 12 have also followed to be the best selling smartphone list. In fact, five of the iPhones have managed to enter the top 10 in the list of the best-selling smartphones of 2020.

Samsung and Xiaomi have also got into the list, Samsung having 4 smartphones; budget, and a mid-range whereas Xiaomi with a single smartphone Redmi Note 9 Pro. Even the most reputed and well-positioned brand globally like Samsung had a hard time coming to the list.

iphone 11 black color 128GB variant

It’s no surprise that Apple has managed to get the top spot as their phone is typically very fantastic in terms of usability and ease. With the Apple A3 Bionic Chipset and the advanced optimization of Apple, the phone is amazing, smooth, and fast. Additionally, the starting price of the phone was relatively low compared to previous generation pricing that made it affordable to most of the users wanting to have an iPhone.


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