International Payment Card in Nepal: Everything You Need to Know About

Holding Nabil i-card for International Transaction from Nepal

Online Payment of goods and services from abroad is just a click away. Yes, you heard it right! Nepal Rastriya Bank has announced that international payment for goods and services from abroad can be done from your own prepaid card. You can now make payments worth $500 for products/services of your choice. 

Limitation without International Payment System 

Before this, Nepalese citizens had no flexibility in purchasing commodities/ services from abroad online. A very few used to be dependent on the Paypal account of their relatives or friends from abroad and some also used Payoneer. But this was not convenient and also problematic for people who had no choices on either of these two options. But not anymore soon Nepalese citizens will be facilitated to consume supplies from abroad and the payment will be made from their own prepaid card.

This will ease our online shopping experience. Small businesses will have the opportunity doors open for them. Be it domain purchase,  web hosting, and running Facebook ads you can do it all by yourself. Also, payment of most popular services such as Amazon and Netflix can be done effortlessly. Now you are just a step away from getting millions of goods/services from abroad. Can this news be any exciting?

Requirements to get USD Card in Nepal

  • You need to have your KYC form filled,
  • The customer/company should have a PAN number,
  • Should have citizenship card/company registration photocopy,
  • 2 forms should be filled given by the bank.

How does this system work?

This prepaid card will convert your Nepali Currency from your normal bank account into corresponding US dollars value as per your need. The amount will be loaded the same as the USD rate of that day. Now you will be able to use your Dollars for any online purchase directly from your prepaid card. You can use the Dollar Visa card anywhere except Nepal and India because your normal ATM card will be used in these countries. Also, if your income source is from foreign countries and receives a relatively greater amount than $500 then good news you are eligible to make the limit even higher. Simply, put it like this, the higher you earn from an outside source the higher your limit gets and be able to spend more.

For eg: If you earn $1000 from freelancing in Upwork or in Fiverr then your limit will be $1000 per year rather than the normal $500 limit. For further information on increasing the limit you may want to visit the nearest branch of your bank.

Can We Use PayPal From Nepal?

Finally, the wait is over. We can use PayPal from Nepal directly after linking your International Prepaid card that you received from your bank. Although you cannot receive money from others, it is confirmed that you can link the card and use it for almost every purpose and service that you want to take from international merchants.

What Are The Charges for Transactions?

Talking about the charges, it is made clear by the bank that they will charge you NRs. 500 for taking and activating the USD Prepaid Card. Whereas, another NRs. 500 is also charged for you to load money in the Dollar Card for the first time and after that, you need to pay NRs. 250 to load more money in the card as per NMB Bank. Remember, the charges may vary depending on the bank. Different bank charges you differently for the International Payment Card.

For further and detailed information you can check this link of Nepal Rastriya Bank.

List of the Banks Providing International Payment Card in Nepal

  1. Nepal Bank Limited 
  2. Agricultural Development Bank 
  3. Nabil Bank 
  4. Nepal Investment Bank 
  5. Standard Chartered Bank 
  6. Himalayan Bank 
  7. Nepal SBI Bank 
  8. Nepal Bangladesh Bank 
  9. Everest Bank 
  10. Kumari Bank 
  11. Lakshmi Bank 
  12. Citizens Bank 
  13. Prime Commercial Bank 
  14. Sunrise Bank 
  15. Century Bank 
  16. Sanima Bank 
  17. Machhapuchhre Bank 
  18. NIC Asia 
  19. Global IME Bank 
  20. NMB Bank 
  21. Prabhu Bank 
  22. Siddhartha Bank 
  23. Bank of Kathmandu 
  24. Civil Bank 
  25. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank 
  26. Rastriya Banijyal Bank 
  27. Mega Bank
  28. Garima Development Bank 
  29. Jyoti Development Bank 
  30. Kamana Sewa Development Bank 
  31. Mahalakshmi Development Bank 
  32. Muktinath Development Bank 
  33. Shangrila Development Bank 
  34. Sign Resunga Development Bank 
  35. Lumbini Development Bank 
  36. Saptakoshi Development Bank 
  37. Excel Development Bank 
  38. Green Development Bank 
  39. Karnali Development Bank 
  40. Miteri Development Bank 
  41. Indus Development Bank 
  42. Tinau Mission Development Bank 
  43. Sahara Development Bank 
  44. Narayani Development Bank 
  45. Corporate Development Bank 
  46. Salpa Development Bank



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