Instagram Lite Relaunched And Is Available For 170 Countries


After a long wait, Facebook finally launched their lite version of Instagram; Instagram Lite with a very little file size of 2 MB. Instagram announced that the app will start to roll out to 170 countries only for Android through the Google Play Store. It seems that the company has no anything planned for the iOS version, so we can put it this way; Instagram Lite won’t be available to iPhone users for a long time. The app was launched before in 2018 and was pulled out from Play Store last year. But now it seems it has relaunched back permanently with new features and very slightly larger file size.

In comparison to the regular Instagram app size which is 30 MP, Instagram Lite has a way lesser file size which is just 2MB. The app does have almost everything that is in a regular Instagram app like, sending Direct Messages, Record and Post videos or stories. Not only that, but it also features the Reels tab on the homepage instead of the regular shopping page that no-one uses.

After the TikTok ban in India, Instagram Reels have surged a lot of engagement in the country which is why the team decided to keep the Reels tab on the Lite version. However, the users of Instagram Reels won’t be able to make or post their own Reels from the app. Not only that people won’t be able to use Face Filters, Augmented Reality, and other heavy features but they can use GIFs and Stickers. The new Instagram Lite is less data-intensive and uses fewer phone resources that can help most of the low-end device users to surf Instagram easily.

The Instagram Lite is available to download on Google Play Store for 170+ countries. You can download it on any network or device, also Facebook promised to launch the app globally in all countries and regions.

Pooja Shrestha


Pooja Shrestha

Pooja is the Business Analyst at InfoTechs Nepal. A Computer Engineering graduate, she is an amazing content creator who gives life to our book of ideas. She adds the creative punch to our social media posts, videos, and blogs. She is also a fabulous artist by passion.

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