InnoMake Smart Shoe Tells Blind and Visually Impaired People where to go


With the advancement in modern technology, life has become easier and convenient. Technology is growing resulting in some amazing creations, this time a Smart shoe for blind and visually impaired people. This smart shoe named “InnoMake” warns the visually impaired, blind, and elderly people of obstacles they might come across while walking. Kudos to the Austrian institution Tec-Innovation for developing such an intelligent shoe.

InnoMake Smart Shoe Overview

This shoe is designed with ultrasound sensors to provide warnings to its users for safer movements. These sensors are waterproof and are attached to the tip of the shoe to detect foot movements and send signals when an obstacle is detected. The signals are sent through vibration, noises, and even with a flashlight for better visibility, especially in the dark. This shoe can locate hurdles up to 4 meters around you. And as you get closer to the obstacles, the vibration gets faster. This way you can easily understand the vibration feedback provided by the shoe. 

InnoMake Smart Shoe

For acoustic feedback, you can download the InnoMake App and receive more detailed information about the obstacle feedback through the smartphone and bone conduction headphones. Markus Raffer, founder of Tec-Innovation, who himself is visually impaired, says “Not only is the warning that I am facing an obstacle relevant, but also the information about what kind of obstacle I am facing, because it makes a big difference whether it’s a wall, a car, or a staircase,”

InnoMake Smart Shoe

Furthermore, it comes with a decent battery life- once fully charged you can rely on it for up to one week depending on use. Plus you can also switch to the ‘intelligent mode’ so that when you are sitting or at rest, you can pause the device to save its battery. With the Micro-USB cable, InnoMake Smart Shoe gets fully recharged within three hours of charging. Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) has also been working together with the Austrian institution for InnoMake. The team is currently in the process of manufacturing the camera-based version of the sensor for detecting danger with images captured by it. 

InnoMake Intelligent Shoe will cost you £2,700 and for now, it is available only in Austria and Germany. 

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