IBM Introduces The World’s First 2nm ChipMaking Technology Which is Faster And Power Efficient


IBM has introduced the world’s first 2nm chipmaking technology which we will be seeing in the upcoming devices. The 2 nm (nanometer) is the size of the transistors used on a chip. The smaller the size of transistors, the more the number of transistors that can be used, thus making smaller chips more powerful. Interestingly, the company says that the 2nm chips could be almost 45 percent faster than the regular 7nm chips used in most smartphones and laptops these days. Also, it consumes up to 75 percent less power hence it is also power-efficient.

IBM’s work this time could prove to be a boon to the semiconductor industry. With this technology, we can not only boost performance of devices in the future but also escalate the current lifespan of the batteries. The company claims that the lifespan of batteries could be increased by up to four times- you only need to charge your handset once in four days. The new 2nm chip has 333 million transistors per square millimeters while the 5nm chips, spotted on most premium phones these days have about 171 million transistors per square millimeter. 

IBM 2nm chip

The Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC) has also been working on 2nm chips for some time but IBM bids it for now. However, it will take some years for IBM to ship 2nm chips as it has to undergo lots of testing before bringing this concept to fruition. So, it is clear that the chipset will take several years to enter the market.

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