Huawei Is Preparing an Ecosystem of Mobile Technology in the Asia Region


Huawei has opened its first DIGIX lab in Asia Pacific, in Singapore, to empower mobile service ecosystem developers and partners. The lab is aimed at accelerating the development of technology ecosystems and digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Considering Singapore’s role in developing technology in the Asia-Pacific region, Huawei has launched the lab to promote the region’s mobile ecosystem.

The lab, along with the core kits required for the Huawei mobile service, will help developers develop their mobile apps.

“Digix Lab will assist developers in navigating app development software,” said Jay Chen, Huawei Asia Pacific’s vice president.. “It is expected to strengthen the future of the digital space.”

According to him, Huawei will launch a number of programs with its partners in the Asia-Pacific region to accelerate digital transformation and develop technology ecosystems.

Huawei has announced plans to add more local in-demand apps to the app gallery, in addition to Digix Lab, to make its mobile ecosystem more successful in the field.




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