Preparing to Bring Guidelines to Regulate Social Media

Social Media

The government has indicated that it will take action against the media for giving provocative expressions on social media and giving priority to such expressions.

Speaking at a press conference organized today to announce the decision of the cabinet meeting, government spokesperson Parbat Gurung said that preparations are underway to issue a directive on social media, 2077, to prevent corruption in the name of enjoying freedom through various media such as Facebook, YouTube and online.

He cautioned the Nepali media not to engage in activities that would push the society towards anarchy, distortion and anomaly and not to make the media anarchic, dignified and irresponsible.

He said that in the last few days, in the name of freedom, loose, provocative, person-centered, misrepresentations have been made against the highest organs of the country and individuals and such expressions have been published and broadcast with priority on social media and some responsible media.

“It is unfortunate that the democratic system of government established after a long political conflict is being attacked, spreading violence and pushing the country towards confrontation and making it public.




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