Government Tightening the Social Network, Registration in Nepal Is Mandatory


The government is in the final stages of preparing a social media guideline to manage the operation and use of social media. With a proposal to implement it immediately and curb social media, the government is planning to finalize the order.

According to the directive, In order to operate in Nepal, such social networks must be registered with the Department of Information Technology. The guideline states that there will be a period of three months to register social networks that have been in operation before the directive comes into force. 

 Government of Nepal has made a provision to ban the use of unregistered social media in Nepal. In addition, in the event of a breach of the prevailing Nepalese laws and directives on registered social media, there is a provision to automatically cancel registrations.

The Guideline forbids the use, distribution, and sharing of social media information gathered for any reason other than that purpose by the agency or entity conducting the investigation.

The Department of Information Technology shall, in the event of any activity contrary to the provisions of the Directive, or where any complaint or grievance has been received, carry out the required monitoring and recommend that the body concerned take action in compliance with the law of Nepal.

Similarly, if the department finds a complaint while conducting necessary monitoring regarding the operation of social media and sends a letter for action in accordance with the prevailing Nepali law, the concerned body can make further investigation. 

Anyone who acts contrary to the directive will be punished as determined by the law and the prevailing law of Nepal. The Department has been entrusted with the task of enforcing the Directive and, in the event of any barrier to the operation and use of social media, going forward in compliance with the legislation.

Similarly, in case of any dilemma or ambiguity regarding the implementation of the directive, provision has been made for the Ministry to make necessary interpretation. 




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