Google Loses to Australian Government, Ready to Pay News Media

Google Loses to Australian Government

In a long-running battle between the Australian government and Google, Google has finally lost. Google is ready to pay for news to seven media outlets in Australia.

Google has also introduced its new service News Showcase in Australia for paid news. Earlier, Google had presented news showcases in Brazil and Germany.

Earlier, the Australian government had warned it would shut down its services in the country if it was forced to pay. Last month, Google’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Mel Silva, told a parliamentary hearing that they had no choice but to leave Australia if the proposed law was implemented.

In response to Silva, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would not comment on such threats. The issue was debated in the Australian Parliament.

Technology companies have opposed the government’s proposal in a debate over whether companies such as Google and Facebook should pay for media houses’ content.

In addition to Google, Facebook also opposed the government’s law. Google accounts for 53 percent of the online advertising market, while Facebook has 23 percent. With the new law, Google and Facebook will now have to pay hefty fines if they violate it.




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