Introducing the Doko App: Play and Contribute to COVID-19 Patients’ Treatment


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is creating an alarming situation in Nepal. The Covid cases are escalating each day and so are the number of lives lost. Considering the current situation, television and media personality Rabi Lamichhane has come up with a social initiative called the Doko app, which will help control the situation to some extent. His initiative will now help COVID-19 patients so that they do not have to suffer all alone in such a situation. 

Doko App Overview

The app is designed with a simple interface that is user-friendly and convenient to use. You need to play a game; by playing games, you will be contributing to a Covid patient’s treatment. Exciting right? If you are a gaming enthusiast then this is the right time to help them because the more you play, the more you help patients.  

How to use the Doko app?

After successfully downloading the app, you need to register yourself first to begin the game. And the good news is that the Doko app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can sign up with your Google account or Facebook or even with Twitter. After signing up, you must buy a package for an episode called “Kam ka Kura”. There are four packages altogether namely Daily Package, Weekly Package, Monthly Package, and Season Package which is priced at NPR 19, NPR 49, NPR 199, and NPR 499 respectively. After choosing the package of your choice, the payment can be made via Khalti, eSewa, IMEpay, Banks, Debit/Credit cards.

The money we pay for the package goes straight to COVID-19 patients’ treatment. You can play the game for almost 45 minutes thrice a week. You also get a chance to win a prize of NPR 1,00,000 if you answer all questions correctly. Also, you can donate your prize to help patients in need if you want to or keep it for yourself. By referring this app to your friends and relatives, you can also collect your reward points.

Doko App Interface, How to Register in Doko App

Not to forget, this initiative is backed up by Janamaitri Hospital located in Balaju, Kathmandu providing all the necessary facilities at a low cost, or for free. We highly encourage you all to make the best use of the App so that it can generate more revenue and help more Covid patients. Together we can defeat COVID-19. Stay safe and play the game!




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