‘Disaster Girl’ Solds Her Original Meme as an NFT For $500,000

Disaster Girl Meme

So, you might have all seen a meme of the girl smirking in the front when her neighborhood house is burning down. The photo was taken by her father in January 2005 while they were observing the disaster and he finds out that her daughter was smiling devilishly. The photo went viral on social media creating a meme of itself naming it a ‘Disaster Girl‘. Her actual name is ‘Zoe Roth’.

The photo can be used in any type of disaster meme or the mess you have created making it seemed you planned it. NFTs started to get popular amidst pandemics. Talented people or artists could just sell their digital art/3D renders via NFT websites which is very profitable. Recently it is around the news that she had sold her original meme as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for nearly half a million dollars.

It has been disclosed that on April 17, an NFT collector ‘3FMusic‘ bought the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme for 180 Ether. at an Auction. The value of cryptocurrencies keeps fluctuating but as of Friday, April 30, 180 Ether is valued at more than $500,000. Also, Roths retained the copyright and will receive 10 percent of the amount from any future sales. In the interview, she said that the money that she got from selling the meme will help her to clear educational loans and many more.


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