Data of All Brazilian Citizens Leaked Online

data leak

Data on all Brazilian citizens has been leaked online.The government has been ordered by the Brazilian Consumer Protection Agency to secure citizens’ data immediately.

The institute has also directed to take necessary steps for data security immediately. The data leak took place last week, leaking data on 223 million Brazilians.

The problem of how 223 million data can be leaked may arise in your mind in a country with a total population of 221 million.

It is also mentioned that there is information about the person who died earlier in the incident. In addition, data on 104 million vehicles involved in the incident has also been made public.

The data thus made public includes the name of the person, identity card number, marital status, name of father, mother and son and daughter, complete information of the house, credit score, voter registration number, profession and other details. The LinkedIn profile of the person has also been leaked.

It is estimated that such information could have been compromised and made public from the servers of the credit-scoring bureau of Brazil. So far, the Brazilian government has not provided any official information on the matter, so no confirmation has been received.

In the aftermath of the breach, Brazil’s Consumer Protection Department called for urgent action.




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