Cyber Bureau Arrested A Person Misusing Software Source Code

Nepal Cyber Bureau

Here is very interesting news that came directly from Nepal Police Cyber Bureau after releasing a Press Release by them. The Press Release says the following things:

National Software and IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. The company has copied the source code of the software owned by the same company, except for the usual changes in the user interface. Preface Technology Pvt. Ltd. conducted a detailed technical analysis and investigation of the application received in this bureau alleging that the source code and user interface were misused by the company.

As the company operators were found to have misused the source code and user interface, the company operators involved in the act acted against the Electronic Transactions Act 2063 BS. The district court has extended the time limit by six days and further investigation is underway. Other operators are absconding and the search is on.

  1. District Dang Lamahi Municipality Ward No. Currently, 5 houses are owned by Preface Technology Pvt. Ltd. Bimal KC, 39, director of Butwal.
  2. District Rupandehi Mayadevi Govt. Shyam Bahadur Chaudhary, 40, director of Ltd Butwal.
  3. District Nawalparasi (East) Kavsoti Municipality Ward No. 7 House is currently Preface Technology Pvt. Ltd. Shankar Gyawali, 36, is the director of Butwal.
Pooja Shrestha


Pooja Shrestha

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